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6 Tips You Must Know About Printing Screen


Printers have become the basic necessity for everyone whether he/she is a businessman, students or any professional owning a shop. There are also different kinds of printing that have special printers. Most of the people have made printing an earning profession and that is giving them a lot of money. People who love to do fine art needs the heavy kind of printers so there are many famous companies who are manufacturing excellent printer models. Printing screen is a type of printing which is used to print any logo, text or picture on the shirt or on a screen of silk. Printing screen method is getting popular day by day and is used by almost all textile companies. There are famous brands that are continuously using printing screen method to give exclusive looks to their garments. This method has become so common that even you can get your shirt printed with the desired print.

Step 1

Printing screen method is totally different from other printing methods and it also has enormous advantages. While printing through printing screen method, the ink is absorbed fabric efficiently and there is no chance of ink bonding with the surface. There are many other advantages that other methods don’t have. Printing screen method helps you to print any size like if the print size is larger; it is not a problem in this method.

Step 2

You can print picture of any size on T-shirts that will surely cover your whole shirt area. Printing screen method is proved to be ideal for bulk printing. This is because when you are producing large quality prints, cost of each print will become lower. This will also help you to earn a huge profit amount if you have signed a contract to give bulk printing. The speed is also faster than other printing methods, so this is the best printing method for every kind of printing.

Step 3

Printing screen method also ensures to give you a quality result whether in a bulk mode of in urgent mode. High quality printing can be accessible through this printing screen method and also in low cost. This is a common printing method but is high valued because every shirt or dress has to be printed through this method.


Other printing methods like digital printing cannot print large pictures and also with blocks. But this efficiency is available in printing screen method as you can enjoy high resolution printing in block modes also. Color of every type is available in this method and you also can enjoy color shades in printing on silk or t-shirts. Colors used in this method are really bright and have very low chances to get fade out.


Printing screen method has proved to be the most economical printing method and this is why it is used by all the professionals and students even. By watching this need, many electronic companies has started manufacturing these printers to export them and to through them in local market. You can print your own t-shirt according to your wishes and desires through screen printing method.

By John, published at 04/04/2012
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6 Tips You Must Know About Printing Screen. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.