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How To Install a Samsung Printer


Printer is very popular and important device nowadays. Usage of this device is increasing day by day in all kinds of fields like Schools, colleges, Hospitals, Private and Government sector Offices, and several shops. Even this is now using in Homes as in other fields. Printer is an output device in terms of Computer hardware technology. A person can print any kind of data, graphics, charts, forms, and spreadsheets in no time. There are many different sizes, colors, and types available of printers nowadays in the market. Some brands are more expensive. But a person needs to install it properly in order to take benefit for this device.

Step 1

Samsung is one of the leading brands in printer technology. It offers various kinds of printers among small to large. And many customers trust this brand. Samsung provides the best products for home and commercial use and the Samsung printer is one of its best products in the market.

Step 2

Setting up a Samsung printer is a very easy thing to do and most of the printers' models are plug and play. If a person has the proper driver installed then they can use printers after plugging it in. Following are the details about how to install a printer.

Step 3

• First plug the power cable into the printer.

• Plug the other end of the cable into the system. Turn on the printer button and check the status and lights of the printer.

• The computer will configure the new PnP device, because a printer is a PnP device. In some situations if it may be not configured, the printer and the reason for that a person has no or any particular driver installed.

Step 4

• Intall the driver first and then configure it.

Samsung printers come with the Installation CD/DVD which contains the driver of the printer.


Step 5

• Put the CD/DVD into the CD/DVD ROM drive and then on new window, click the "next" button.

• A new window will open which prompts the location of the driver. Choose the location and click ok.


• Now the process will start automatically of adding files to the disk. Click "finish" after installing the driver of the Samsung printer.

• Now check the default printer in the task manager tab. If a person is still facing problems, then check if the proper model is checked or not.

Sources and Citations

Some new Operating systems like Windows Vista and Windows 7 have their own configuration setup. And it will also cause problems during installation with the new Samsung printer.
If there is a problem, a person can install the printer manually. The procedure is given below:

• Select the add printers tab in the control panel. This will start the add printer wizard.

• The next window will prompt you whether the user wants a local printer or network printer. Now if a person wants to install a Samsung printer as a Network printer, then they will check the second option of Network printer.

• After this, a new window will open for selecting a port. The user will check the right port LPT or COM port for installing a printer.

• Once the port is selected, then the next option will be to choose the Samsung printer. The user will see a huge list of models of printers.

• Check the appropriate Samsung printer and click next. This is the final step.

• The default Samsung printer is installed and now and ready to use.

By Stanculescu Mihai Bogdan, published at 03/10/2012
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