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How To Install An Ink Printer Cartridge

Published at 03/10/2012 17:21:40


The ink printer cartridge is a replaceable component of ink jet printer which contains ink. Each printer cartridge contains partitioned ink reservoirs. Some of the ink printer cartridges also have head. There are different types of ink jet printers available in the market. HP, Canon and Epson are the most popular brands of ink printer.

Step 1

The procedure of installing an ink jet printer is not very difficult but little tricky. It doesn’t matter which brands a person have for ink jet printer, the installation procedure is same always.

Step 2

Usually, two separate ink cartridges are inserted into the ink jet printer. One for black ink and other for combination of three primary colors. All the major brands offer particular type of ink printer cartridge. A person can’t replace one ink cartridge with other brand printer cartridge. Cartridges are expensive parts of ink printers because they require some precision parts as well.

Step 3

The first step in installing ink printer cartridge is to read the label on the printer. Some ink printers gives the detailed step manual also with the printer. A person should make sure that they have a right model cartridge for their ink printer cartridge. Model and series usually printed on one side of the ink cartridge.

Step 4

Follow the steps and install the cartridge into the printer carefully.

  • Open the door of ink printer cartridge for proper viewing inside the printer.
  • If a person has any pervious cartridge installed, remove it. Clean the dust inside the cartridge box.
  • From the nozzle of the ink printer cartridge, remove the blue film slightly. And now check gray part of ink cartridge is upward.

One thing that should be noted is that the nozzle should be downward. A person would see some black dots and colored dots on the top of the carriage. In some models of ink printer cartridge there will be one black dot with two color dots. Install black ink cartridge there. The other area will be the colors of red, yellow and blue in row. Install the color ink cartridge there.

Step 5

  • Push the ink cartridges very carefully and don’t push very forcefully because printers have very sensitive assembly alignment. And then close the cover of ink printer.
  • Make sure appropriate paper is loaded into the paper tray. Turn on the printer.
  • Click the printer tab and then choose the maintenance and setting tab. click on the maintenance tab and then click align the print cartridge. Click ok.
  • Now a person can print the test page. Wait until whole document is printed out.
  • Check the black color and other colors closely. A person should see and check that the letters are properly aligned or not, or is there is any misprinting on page.


Check whether is any ink spreading or not. Check the whole document again particularly the alignment of lines.

If there is nothing wrong then installation is finished for ink printer cartridge. But if there is any problem follow the above steps again respectively.