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5 Things You Must Know About Printing a Brochure

Published at 03/06/2012 16:37:50


Formally a brochure can be defined as, a small magazine, book or some number of pages containing pictures and information about a product or service. It can simply be said as leaflet or pamphlets for the advertisements of any product. There are a lot of people who use this technique of printing brochure for these purposes.


If anyone runs a service business means a small business, that person uses brochure as a source of cheap publicity of his product. This is very common type of publicizing the product. Many business oriented communities’ uses brochure in modern days as well. To demonstrate your knowledge and understanding to your potential customer, brochure is a source. It helps the customers to make an easy decision about using your type of services. The main thing in marketing is the trust of your customers in you. The more the customers trust in you and your product the more successful you are. Printing brochure is not the only thing who earns you the customer but printing brochure effectively is the key.


The most common problem with printing brochure is that, they are commonly focused on 'who' the people are, or 'what' the business does, or 'where' the business is located. Although, this information is good, but not good enough to help your customers to trust you.

Second important thing you must keep in mind is that your potential or end customer most likely has brochures from other companies that also talk about their "latest product”, "years of experience", "highly trained staff" and "friendly customer service" etc. so your brochure must create and highlight the distinction between you and your competitors. You must keep this point in mind while printing brochure.

Third factor to be considered while printing brochure is how you will send it out in market. Mostly, firms in market send it with a covering letter with the printing brochure. This letter often describes the same things as contained in the brochure.

Fourth and most important thing in printing brochure is ‘be honest’. This ethical practice must be there in order to have good marketing values.

The front cover of the designed brochure should get the reader’s attention with a provocative question, an emotional appeal, or a benefit statement for the customers. The printing brochure should grab the customers with benefit-benefit-benefit.

Clearly mention in the brochure how your product will fulfill the customer desire. The feature key benefits of your product should be in headlines. The printing brochure for a company should present the first class image with good graphics compilation, attractive use of colors in the design of printing brochure. Tell your customers exactly what to do to access your product and tell them to do it now.

With all these features mentioned above the printing brochure will be impressive one to your customers and will earn good marketing values for your product.

Tips and comments

While printing brochure the paper should be used intelligently. A large paper is usually used for this purpose which is cut-fold in a way to be carried out easily.