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How To Print a Label With a Label Printer


Label printer is the computer printer that prints on self-adhesive label material and/or card-stock (tags). Label printer is also used to print different kinds of logos. A label printer with built-in keyboard and display for stand-alone use and is not connected to a separate computer is repeatedly called a label maker. Label printer is really different from all other regular printers as label printers needs to have a special feed mechanism to handle rolled stock or tear sheet stock. Mutual connectivity for label printer include RS-232 serial, Universal Serial Bus (USB), parallel, Ethernet and various kinds of wireless.

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Label printer is commonly used throughout the world and has a wide variety of applications, it includes retail price marking of different products, blood and laboratory specimen marking, supply chain management and also fixed assets management. Label printer is also used to print the amazing logos and tags of different companies and brands.

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Label printer has fabulous printing quality and the colorful printing leave no fault in it. Label printers use an extensive variety of label materials, including paper and artificial polymer or plastic materials. Several types of printing devices are also used, including laser and impact, but thermal printer machineries are undoubtedly the most common.

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Label printer is normally used by all kind of persons whether they are professionals or common persons. These printers are also used to print the tattoos which are used by the kids mostly; these tattoos may have the ability to stick on different places. Label printer is also used to print the different labels like retail price labels which are used to mention the price of any product. So Label printer is used on daily basis and is very important due to different aspects.

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Label printer has splendid lens quality used in it, and these lenses works efficiently to give the perfect result and outclass image of the logo or tags. Different logos used on sign boards and also on visiting card are printed with the help of Label printer.

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A fairly non-commercial feature in Microsoft Word 2007 and 2010 allows you to print the labels using built-in templates that are suitable for any sheet of labels you can buy. With the help of templates, you can generate and print single labels on a sheet while leaving others blank or you can print every label on the whole sheet.


Templates are available for arrival address labels, post cards, gift tags, shipping labels, business cards, CD and DVD labels, logos, tags, tattoos and many other types of projects.


So we can’t ignore the usage and need of label printer in this modern life. Every brand and company wants to design their logos and labels very attracting and impressive, so they also need the best label printers to bring outstanding results and attractive color printing. So label printer is a super invention which has given the opportunities to decrease the man work and to print all the necessary things like logos, labels and tags. Ink and cartridge used in label printers are really good and off superior quality that enhances the performance of label printers.

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