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Pros And Cons Of An Inkjet Print

Published at 03/12/2012 20:27:42


There's no doubt that printers are among the most important computer peripherals. They are basically used to produce images and documents that are used for a number of purposes. Printers are categorized in either inkjet printers or laser printers. Today, inkjet printers are the most popular due to their low prices and the many functions they can perform. As every coin has two sides, inkjet printers have their pros and cons. Following is a comprehensive list of the various pros and cons of an inkjet print.

Major Pros Of Inkjet Print

The popularity of the inkjet printer has been contributed by some essential features like the price, durability and size. These are the most commonly known advantages of inkjet printers.

The price of the inkjet printer is very attracting to many people. Its affordable price has been brought about by the simple materials it is made of, as well as its simple structure. Compared to other printers on the market, inkjet print will offer you quality and affordable services. That’s the reason many people either in big corporate or small businesses have continued to use this kind of print.

Staying on the pros, no one can have doubt on the durability of the inkjet print. It is modified to give you long lasting services. Due to its durability factor, inkjet print will tend to reduce the budget, especially in businesses as you don’t have to keep on purchasing another print.

The inkjet print has been made conveniently to fit at any position due to its size. If you compare with other printers you will realize that inkjet print is made in such a way that is compacted. This makes it easier to use even in places where there is minimal. Also these will make it favorable for those who work in homes, as they will not be expected to keep a very big machine which will consume a lot of space.

Major Cons of Inkjet Print

Nothing in this world is perfect and inkjet print is not an exceptional for that matter. It has some various disadvantages it comes along with. Some of the major cons you would expect to face when using inkjet printer is smearing and speed. Though sometimes they’re not fatal you will find that it is easy to handle them.

Just as mentioned above, smear is an issue when it comes to inkjet print functionality. Here is where you find printouts tend to smear immediately when they come out. This is because inkjet print uses ink and requires a few seconds for its print out to dry.

Compared to other printers, inkjet print is slower, although not that slow to be under estimated. This is due to the use of ink thus taking more time to print one paper than other printers. This is perhaps the reason why big organizations with lumps of paper work choose other printers for faster printing.


Now those are the major advantages and disadvantages of inkjet print. It good you are aware of the various benefits inkjet print has to offer you as well as the downfalls you may expect from it. Compare them and come up with a wise decision.