How To Install a Fax Copier Printer
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How To Install a Fax Copier Printer

Published at 03/14/2012 15:51:03


How To Install a Fax Copier Printer

A fax, printer, copier and scanner all-in-one helps more than a few different functions in one unit. This is a great invention in the techno world as you are getting three amazing features like fax, copier, printer and scanner in one case. With the technology of today, it has become possible to print, scan and copy right from your home. Instead of having isolated products that do all of these individually, it saves room and is much more efficient to have a printer copier scanner all-in-one.

Step 1

These all in one machines have reduced the man work and is efficiently helping them to do various tasks via single item. Using a fax, printer, copier and scanner all-in-one is not a big deal. They are so simple to use that you should have no problems setting them up to work with your home or office computer.

Step 2

Installing a fax, printer, copier and scanner all-in-one is not a hard task. Firstly, you have to buy a printer, scanner fax all in one machine from any of the local computer shop or you can also order it online. Different companies like HP. Dell, Epson, Kodak and Canon have their specific online stores to order these kinds of products online.

Step 3

Company franchises of these brands are also available everywhere in the computer markets. Fax, scanner, printer and copier all in one machines are available with different specs. Different companies have different technologies; each one may have extra functions that set them apart from others. Some all in one machines have touch screen and some are smaller than others.

Step 4

Take your fax copier scanner printer home with you and begin to hook it up. You will have to plug the power cord into an outlet and attach it to the particular correct slot in the copier printer fax and scanner device. There should also be another plug that will attach the unit to the computer. Wireless printer scanner fax and copier units are also in market and they have the benefit to reduce the rush of wires.

Step 5

There will be no wire to attach with the computer except the power plug to be inserted in electricity socket. It can be used from any area in your home or office, as long as there is Wi-Fi access. You can easily connect the printer copier scanner to your wireless network through the LCD screen that should be located on the front of the device. Your pc will pick up the signals on your network and will also download some needed soft wares.


How To Install a Fax Copier Printer

Insert the installation CD that came with your printer copier scanner into the computer. This will robotically boot up the installation process. By following the steps it will be easy for you to install the device properly. The CD will do all it tasks and you will not have to download any driver.


The installation may take several minutes to complete, so don’t exit anything or interrupt the installation process. Make sure that the printer is connected to the computer if your installation prompts you to connect it. After the installation is completed, print or scan something on the testing basis.