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Mother Nature is a talented designer, and there is nothing as creative and as beautiful as what we find in nature. In recognition of her prowess and ingenuity, individuals can imitate this same type of design and decoration in the interior design of their homes by using the Tuscan style of decorating which has gets its inspiration from Tuscany in Italy.


Tuscan décor, decorating and design is inspired by elements that are mostly found in nature, and the colours that are used in this type of interior design are warm and welcoming. A lot of the things in a Tuscan interior design are made of the elements of wood, stone, water and earth, and their colours are dominant.
Tuscan décor, decorating and design are not meant to be flashy or to attract too much attention. It is instead supposed to be comfortable and hospitable, and any individual who enters a home that has been decorated with the Tuscan way of interior design is supposed to feel welcomed and at home. This type of interior design is very friendly and loving, and it emphasizes the things in life that are important as it is not pretentious.


Anybody can decorate their home using the Tuscan way of interior design, as long as they are able to understand all the basics. Since, the beauty of nature is usually infused in most individuals, it is not difficult to find inspiration from this source. The end result is always elegant and beautiful without too much effort on the part of the home owner.
Any part of the house can be decorated with the Tuscan way of interior design, and one can start from the ceiling, to the walls as well as the floor and doors. More natural textures are used, and objects around the house could have a natural feel to them. The floor is rarely ever carpeted, but instead designers prefer to use tiles, stones or wood as this is more natural.

Tips and comments

One can choose to purchase furniture as well as other amenities in the home to fit the Tuscan style in the house. Such furniture are usually in darker colours and they can be made from wood or iron, and they are usually very detailed in order to complete the look that the individual is going for in their house.
Just a little Tuscany charm can transform your living space into one that is filled with Italian style and elegance. The kitchen could have brighter colours with open shelves, and everything should link back to nature. Mirrors are usually used a lot in the Tuscan way of décor, decorating and design as they are able to redistribute natural light throughout the room, making your home look brighter.
Other things that can be included in a Tuscan decorated home are vases as well as sculpted iron as this dramatically contributes to the theme that you are aiming for. A house that is decorated in the Tuscan style of interior design usually feels loving, and unspoilt, and such a home feels warm, welcoming and hospitable, as if you are walking into the loving arms of Mother Nature.

By Stanculescu Mihai Bogdan, published at 03/15/2012
   Rating: 4/5 (11 votes)
Tuscan Decor, Decorating & Design. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.