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About the Use Of Large Print


While driving back home from your workplace or just surfing the Internet after a tiring day, something big catches your attention. The large print in advertisements, papers, books, and more. These items are printed in large font and medium to catch the viewers attention and to cater to the people having weak eyesight. The 16 points font or larger is considered to be a large print. Companies and various different businesses advertise their offers and promotional services on these eye-catching prints to grab people's attention and to provide an illustration of their services to the greater population. Not just business companies but various departments in the job sector require large prints for their work.

Architects need to print their house plans on these oversized prints to give their clients a clear picture of how their house would look like. Event management companies require large fonts on the standees and flexes they print for various functions and companies. The ongoing trend of putting ads on vehicles also requires large-sized printing for better view.


This type of printing in the English language started in the city of Leicester in England way back in 1964. The initial purpose of such printing was to facilitate the elderly readers who had poor vision. It was Frederick Thorpe who realized the needs of the aged. When in 1969, Thorpe's company set the large print size as 16 points and started to print books on that setting, the acceptance and demand of these prints grew., many editions of a particular book are printed at the same time, including the large-sized print edition. These editions are available at various libraries and bookstores. Since the progress and development in the printing field, printers are not only used to publish books and newspapers but are also used to print advertisements, maps, house plans, decorations, invitations, cards, and more. The field of printing has expanded to incorporate almost every other type of field.


Research and progress in this field has allowed various uses of the large print. These prints have taken advertisements to whole new level. The large-sized fonts grab peoples attention almost instantaneously. It allows easy readability even while you drive. Graphics printing now makes a lot more sense when brochures, posters, and flyers are printed in large fonts. Even newspapers use large fonts in their headings to facilitate the readers. Designer companies such as fashion designers, interior designers and architects make a lot of use of large prints to help their clients visualize the outcome. From banners, books, newspapers, vehicle ads, posters, to house plans, all require large-sized printing.

Tips and comments

If you have poor eyesight, don't worry, the printers understand that you cannot possibly take out your reading glasses every time you need to read something. Companies and authors should coordinate with a professional printing company to print their books or ads because they have professionals who would help them decide the type and font size of the print. Large-sized fonts in prints are made to facilitate you and grab the audiences attention. It is best to convey a message through the oversized font that is readable to all.

By Qasim Ali, published at 03/13/2012
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