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How To Use the Quick Code To Print


Quick Response Code is a kind of barcode that stores more information than a simple black and white barcode, anything from phone numbers, contact information, addresses which can easily be used for marketing purposes to print the ads, and much more. Quick Response Code is called a two-dimensional barcode, due to the fact that, it uses dots in a square grid, instead of black and white lines of the typical barcode.

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They have sophisticated mathematical formulas, or a computer algorithm, which compresses the number of dots needed to store the data which can later be used to print the matter.

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It has the added advantage of storing more detailed information than simple stripped barcode possibly can. Quick Codes are now being used extensively for various marketing procedures. It is found on many things, like magazines, on coverings of products, are two of the examples, out of many types of applications it is used in, for giving an abstract look to print theitem.

Step 3

A variation of this is the Quick Response Code reader which is a small application that needs to be installed in the cellular phones. Most smart phones have it in their application stores. Some applications are free of cost, and the analysis of these Quick Response Codes is also free.

Step 4

In some cases you have to buy the application and print the elements for having a clear view. A certain fee is charged for their analysis, if you are not interested in buying or do not want to print the whole codes. Smart phones are the most likely device people will have, when people see Quick Response Codes, and these readers also have a built-in browser, that takes you to the website of the company, whose products are widely liked.

Step 5

Quick Response Codes are also used for other purposes, for instance, it creates a text message that can be sent instantly by a customer, or to use it for displaying a few words on the phone screen of the customer. The person who receives such text can even print the codes and keep them safe for having a look in future, just like greeting cards. The most important thing is the size of the Quick Response Code; the reader must be able to read the Quick Response Code with 100% accuracy, because if even 1% of the code is decoded incorrectly, all of the information stored in the code will not come out correctly. Similarly will be the result if any used print the codes, if not decoded properly, will become garbage when printed.


Old smart phones usually don’t have the Quick Response Code reader in them;but nowadays it is usually a built-in feature in most smart phone that are coming in the market today. People who don’t have this reader installed, they can’t find out what a particular code contains, even if they want to, even after getting in printed.

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We should certainly embrace this technology, as it is a good and innovative thing for marketing and conducting business in a modern and streamlined way. So if you are fascinated in being at the facade of the tech-pack then print the QR codes to your business cards, marketing posters, point of sale exhibits, and presentation folders and become noticed.It all depends on the significance you put on being seen to be at the front position of new developments, and to your target market. It’s time to print the QR codes and get noticed.

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