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How To Get a Printer To Print on a Server


A Print server is a device which is used to connect a printer or a number of printers over a network with the clients. Clients are referred to as the computers which are connected by a central computer known as Server. A Print server has the capability to accept the printing jobs from the computers and route them to the appropriate printers.A Print server can be a network computer with one or more shared printers. It can also be a dedicated device on the network. Dedicated servers can be fairly simple in both configuration and features. Print server functionality can also be integrated with other devices such as a wireless router, a firewall or both. Also a printer can have a built in Print server.Print server may support a variety of printing protocols including Internet printing protocol, line printer daemon protocol, and Microsoft network printing protocol, NetWare and jet direct.

Step 1

A print server can be wired or wireless (or both, as in the case of our example). It’s a small device that connects your printer to your network. In this way, the printer is not
Physically connected to a PC; it’s simply “on the network”.

Step 2

Now we shall discuss different steps involved in setting up a Print server. First of all you should know what you should know the order of the things that are required to do the job for you.

Step 3

Here’s the general order of things:

  •  Make sure the printer works when directly connected to your PC
  •  Determine the default IP address of the print server
  •  Change the IP of the print server to your subnet, if necessary.
  •  Install the “new” printer wired first, and then wireless

As now as we a ready to setup the print server, we shall discuss the different steps to setup the print server on Windows 2000.

Step 4

  • Determine what operating system each computer sharing the printer is running.
  • If all the computers in the network run windows 2000 or newer, then set up the printer server for “Windows 2000 and Windows XP clients only”.

Step 5

  • If any computer uses any of the previous versions of Windows like 98 or ME, then you should set up the print server with the “All Windows Clients” option so it works for all computers.


 Print a test page to get the name and details of the manufacturer and model numbers and additional information such as languages used and installed options so you can choose the correct and appropriate printer while you are configuring your print server.


  •  Repeat this step if you are setting up more than one printer that you will be setting, that other computers will share from your print server.
  •  Also you can use the setup wizard that chooses the correct and appropriate driver for you.

i. The setup wizard is used to configure a print server to give you a default printer name, but you can and I think you should choose your won printer name, like server printer, shared printer, etc.

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