10 Amazing Tips For a Canon Pixma Photo Printer
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10 Amazing Tips For a Canon Pixma Photo Printer

Published at 03/16/2012 15:08:54


10 Amazing Tips For a Canon Pixma Photo Printer

Photo printer canon pixma has an incredible 9600 x 240 color dpi for the best photo printing in the lab. It produces 4” x 6” photo in approx. 23 seconds. The main feature of the photo printer canon pixma is its chroma 100+ system that gives you the most beautiful and long lasting photos. All new Full HD Movie Print software turns your captured HD movies into beautiful prints.

Step 1

The new photo printer canon pixma has been designed to keep it eco conscious. It’s built in 2-sided printing helps the environment and can cut your paper usage up to 50%. Photo printer canon pixma is a high performance photo printer with built in Auto Duplex Printing.

Step 2

Every one wants to sell their products or get their message across. It is a common saying that the first impression is the last impression. A strong image of the company can go far to achieve your desired success.

Step 3

These ten tips will get you the best prints from your photo printer canon pixma to get your artwork ready for your next project.

Step 4

  •  Your art work should have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi or higher. The new photo printer canon pixma has the ability to print only the images that are larger than 300 dpi. This new feature has been added to all the latest models of photo printer canon pixma models. The better your art work, the better will be your chances of getting best prints.

Step 5

  •  Use your seller templates whenever possible.
  •  Using the vendor schedules make your project goes quickly and smoothly and eliminate the possibility of additional design fees.
  •  You should always use the recommended graphic formats. These are :

b. PSD
c. EPS
e. PDF


10 Amazing Tips For a Canon Pixma Photo Printer
  •  Always get your art work as a layered file. So this will help you fix even the small errors quiet easily. So make sure you can easily remove the errors and mistakes before the printing begin.
  •  The all new photo printer canon pixma has the capability to print your work in CMYK process, so you need to set up your work in CMYK mode.
  •  Try to use your font size not less than 7 points, and at least 8 points for reverse type. For smaller type to use simple fonts such as Arial, Helvetica or Times New Roman.


  •  Develop fonts with lots of detail will get the best results at 12 points or higher. In addition, your provider with any exotic fonts used in artwork for your CD-printer does not have them. Outlining fonts in Adobe Illustrator is another good idea to ensure you get superior results.
  •  Do not use web images and low resolution images. Do not try to convert a low resolution pictures into 300 dpi or above as this might result in a blurred art file.
  •  Normally the pictures on the site are compressed as small as possible so that they load faster in a browser. To get the best prints form your photo printer canon pixma, do not try to stretch the images as they will look blur and wont get you the desired results.