How To Discover Great Deals For a Stylus Photo Printer
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How To Discover Great Deals For a Stylus Photo Printer

Published at 03/17/2012 01:51:29


How To Discover Great Deals For a Stylus Photo Printer

The Epson stylus photo printer is a wide format ink jet printer that uses seven pigmented inks to print beautiful color prints as large as 13 by 22 inches and even longer if you use the included roll paper adapter.

Step 1

The latest model of stylus photo printer offers a number of improvements. The R2000 stylus photo printer has multiple connection options unlike the previous R1900 was USB only. The R 2000 stylus photo printer has options including USB 2.0, 100Base – T Ethernet, 8.0211 Wi-Fi, and a PictBridge port. Expanded connectivity is not the only change for the netter, however. The R2000 stylus photo printer has higher capacity of ink cartridges. This can come very handy which is suitable for printing posters and other large banners.

Step 2

Some inkjet printers use three inks—cyan, magenta, and yellow—but most include dedicated black cartridges as well. Inkjet printers meant primarily to print photos will often add a second black cartridge for better snapshot printing. The R2000 stylus photo printer, like the R1900 stylus photo printer before it, adds red, orange, and gloss optimizer cartridges to expand the color range of its Ultra Chrome Hi-Gloss 2 pigment inks.

Step 3

If you are looking to take your at home photo printing a little level higher in terms of quality or size of the print, the stylus photo printer R2000 produces the best looking color photos on a variety of paper types and even CD/DVD printable media.

Step 4

When we compare the R2000 stylus photo printer with the other brands of Epson we find a major difference and the clarity of the colors. For example in browns that could appear blacker in the previous models and reds that could look like a little purplish.

Step 5

Listed below are some of the suggestions from where you can find the best deals on stylus photo printer of different companies.

  •  Brother MFC-9325cw
  •  Seiko Instruments Partners with Mobile Demand
  •  OKI Data Americas Adds Wireless Connectivity
  •  Lexmark
  •  Kodak
  •  Samsung
  •  Makeable
  •  Epson
  •  HP
  •  Canon


How To Discover Great Deals For a Stylus Photo Printer

Way back in 2008, Epson released the stylus photo printer R2880, a 13-inch / A3+ printer using its latest Ultra Chrome K3 ink set. This model offered a few improvements over the older 2400 printer that it replaced, thanks to new Vivid Magenta and Vivid Light Magenta inks which increased the color accuracy and gamut of the printer, and direct printing to CD/DVD media.


The previous versions of stylus photo printer didn’t offer what a lot of photographers had been asking for, though, support for Photo and Matte Black inks being installed at the same time. The new stylus photo printer R3000 has the support for both the Photo and Matte black inks installed at the same time. It has to be swapped at automatic routine that flushes the ink out of the system. This wastes a little amount of ink each time.
These are the features of full production versions of different stylus photo printer, not the early pre production samples that several other web sites have tested, is therefore an indication of the final shipping quality.