How To Purchase Cartridges For An Ink Printer
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How To Purchase Cartridges For An Ink Printer

Published at 03/18/2012 17:16:13


How To Purchase Cartridges For An Ink Printer

Printers are useful devices to have at home, since you can print documents when you want. However, printers use ink and when the page that you have recently printed looks faint and dull, it’s a sign to change the ink printer cartridges.

Step 1

New models of printers which have LCD screens give an indication of ink levels, telling you how much is left on the ink printer cartridges. You can see this on the screens of your computer or on the device itself. If the machine can also print colored pictures and documents, you will have two ink printer cartridges in the compartment of the device. One is for black ink printing and the other is for documents to be printed in color. Check which ink printer cartridges you need. Different brands and models of printers use different ink printer cartridges indicated by numbers. Thus, it is important to check what ink printer cartridges you have to buy.

Step 2

If you have not kept the old box of the last ink printer cartridges that you installed on your devices, read the instruction manual and open the printer lid. Check the number of the ink printer cartridges to make sure that you have the exact type. You can also go to the website of the brands of your printers that typically sell ink printer cartridges.

Step 3

Another option is to just note down the model number of your printers. This is found on the manual or written in front or at the back of the device, depending on the model. With this information, perform an online search for ink printer cartridges. Check stores which carry the ink printer cartridges that you buy making sure that they are the right ones by double checking what is written on the website. HP, Canon and Epson are examples of companies that sell both printers and ink cartridges.

Step 4

To make sure that you are getting the best deals of ink printer cartridges, use a price comparison site such as Nextag to locate which stores sell these supplies. Look at the customer reviews, too to see how fast they deliver the product and compare prices across retailers.

Step 5

If you need the ink printer cartridges urgently, check physical stores that are available in your area. Look them up online or take the Yellow Pages and find out under office supplies or computers which stores carry them. To save time and gas money, call beforehand and ask the sales clerk if they have it in stock. Ask that the ink printer cartridges be put away and reserved in your name so that you only have to pay for the product when you get to the store. Do not forget to check the expiration dates of ink printer cartridges before buying them. Ink printer cartridges will dry out beyond their expiration dates. Thus, you have to check these dates if you are stocking up on cartridges and don’t plan on using a few immediately.


How To Purchase Cartridges For An Ink Printer

Disposing of used ink printer cartridges should be done the proper way since they are hazardous waste that could damage the environment. Read the leaflet insert to verify how you should get rid of used ink printer cartridges. Take them to a recycling center or to the stores where you bought them. In addition, you can also send them back to the manufacturer in a sealed envelope.

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