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What Printer Can Create the Best Zebra Print?


Zebra print has become essential in almost everything. A lot of people get printers for zebra print because they have to manage events, and these barcodes help to make passes that are unique. These same zebra prints are also used in ID cards. Universities, schools, colleges, offices, banks and others use these barcodes to issue ID cards that are unique to every individual. Other entrepreneurs also use unique barcodes to mark every product. This makes transaction and recording easier for these shop owners, and even for companies that are much bigger in scale. This makes it essential that you have the best zebra print. For that you need to know about printers that can create such barcode prints. The availability of these printers has made the manufacturing of these zebra print so economical that every business can now afford to do it.


For a lot of years, organization and security have been a problem in various fields. At first, identification was not much of a problem. Then people started using various techniques like finger printing to identify people. But reading such prints were difficult. Then identification of products by companies could not be kept safe either since there was no system to ensure the count. Therefore, there were many security lapses, and thievery by the employees themselves. Still during the world wars, government agencies have used zebra print to maintain security. It wasn’t until the 1960s that companies started to produce cost-effective printers affordable for everyone.


Some of the most popular brands that create zebra print are centered in Europe and America. There are a lot of companies that can provide you with what you need in your printer. One of the biggest companies is Zebra Printer, which is used by 90 of the fortune 500 companies. They have a magnificent line of ID card printers, and they print about 90 million ID cards per day. Zebra print on this company’s cards is durable and highly secure. Then there’s a company called Magicard Printers. These produce zebra print cards at a very affordable price. A lot of models by this company is produced that cater to small companies too, that are operating at a small scale. Similarly they also have models suitable for big companies and corporations that require printers in a much larger scale. Another company called Evolis Printers has a line up catering to simple badges to highly complex badges with security features. It has user friendly designs producing high quality cards. Two other companies also produce great printers. They are Persona Printers and Fargo Printers. Persona Printers provide easy to use, reliable printing for colorful custom ID cards. The printer provides great results when printing photo identification cards for small to medium sized organizations that need to identify their employees, members and others. Fargo printers have the most advanced products and are the mainstay in the market with cutting edge technology and quality.

Tips and comments

Zebra printing has become essential in today’s world. It helps you organize stuff, keep  track of your products, make transactions easier, and at the same time it ensure uniqueness of every individual in your staff and ensures security. The best printer for you really depends on the scale of your work. There are different model being produced by different companies that specialize in the work of different sized corporations. So before buying any printer, it is better to properly research on the models available and buy the one that caters to your needs.

By Anushay Q., published at 03/17/2012
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