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10 Amazing Tips For a Portable Printer


In this era of fast improving technologies, people are becoming more efficient with their work followed by growth in business world. Who would have thought years ago, that computer will get replaced by laptops. How internet will make it easy for you to connect with world. This advancement in technology brought mobility in business World. Employee got freedom from office desk. Years ago people use to travel long distances for conferences and meetings, while traveling their other work get delayed. Now time has changed and people can easily work while moving long distances.

This growing age of competition has created a need of these time saving and mobile computer technologies like laptop, wireless internet connection, portable printer and many more. These advanced technologies help us to continue our work while we are moving. These days demand of a portable printer is growing constantly. Whenever you find yourself into emergencies like important business meeting, your office is out of your reach. You need to make a presentation and take a printout of it at that point of time. Portable printer comes to your rescue at this time. There are many situations like this where you can take help of your portable printer to keep away your work from any hindrance. Here are some tips for buying a suitable portable printer.

Step 1

Portable printers are usually used for small documents or few pictures. But if you need lots of printing then choose the appropriate printer for that. Choose the size of the printer according to your need.

Choose a printer according to your need, like if your work is done with black and white one then go for a black and white printer. But, if you usually need colorful presentation for meetings while you are away from office then go for color printer.

Step 2

You need to understand that portable printer is used for quick and firm usage. Office printers cannot be compared to these ones. Buying a portable printer, you are getting the job done, with least toiling along with cheap pricing of the process.

Step 3

Go for after sale support assistance while buying a portable printer. They assure you quality as well as getting help from technical support. If you get any difficulty while dealing with printer or their cartridges, assistance is right at your doorstep.


They are very easy to use as they can easily connect to a laptop with the help of USB cable. There is no complication in using it as after a set up according to the instructions given in manual, you are ready to use it. Check for this quality before buying.

Make sure that Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support is provided in your portable printer. It can make your work even easier without carrying a whole lot of cables.

additional tip

One of the most genuine and useful steps in choosing portable printer is to go for a company and selected brand in market. HP and Canon are the leaders in printer world and likewise, there are many portable printer manufacturers of good reputation.

By AJ, published at 03/18/2012
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