Great Advice For Scanner Color
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Great Advice For Scanner Color

Published at 03/21/2012 08:57:37


Great Advice For Scanner Color

One of the most common and widely used methods of preserving photos is to store them in soft copy format in a storage medium. This can be done by directly transferring pictures from digital camera or cell phone camera to PC or to scan your favorite pictures and then store them in the form of soft copy.

Step 1

Before the time when digital cameras got common, people use to scan their best shots. And today when digit cams are widely available and used people still needs to scan their pictures, no matter for which purpose. Here, one of the common complaints is that scanned results are not as good as the original pictures and most of the time it is referred to the colors. In almost all the cases, the color difference is due to the scanner color settings. While scanning pictures, people leave the scanner color as it is or they just use the auto correct option. Auto correct works in the same cases and in some cases it gets failed.

Step 2

To have excellent scanner color quality, the installation of correct scanning software is necessary. This software enables the scanner color settings for pictures with a number of options. Some of the image settings can be done through this software like brightening, sharpening, contrast, mid tone adjustments and etc. Adjusting these scanner color settings to appropriate levels can give excellent scanned results.

Step 3

For getting real crisp scanned results, start with fixing proper scanner color resolution from settings. The scanner color resolution is measured in dots per inch. Adjust these dots per inch to the desired level. After the resolution comes the file format. Every image should be scanned in proper format. Suppose a casual picture cannot be put in documents or CV. The combination of dpi and format gives the picture great look.

Step 4

Another scanner color setting that can help you in having best scanned results is to crop unnecessary areas of the image. By cropping unwanted areas, you can get the desired part and color for that part can easily be adjusted to get best results. Also, setting the file size produces amazing scanned results. File size, if adjusted according to the image, it will improve the picture quality very much.

Step 5

Flipping of the image according to its size also affects the color and quality of picture. There is always the option of flipping pictures once they are scanned but in some cases this destroys the color scheme of the image. So, flip the image in the correct direction and then scan it.


Great Advice For Scanner Color

The availability of preview option has made life much easier. Utilizing the preview option can be of great help in deciding the correct scanner color settings for the image.


In a nutshell, for acquiring best scanned results the resolution, the color settings, the flip, the cropping and the format of the picture, is of great importance. All these things contribute towards the achievement of the best quality and color of the image. Before using the scanner, read its manual carefully and follow all the instructions.