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10 Amazing Tips For a Print Shop


Some people are always on the go and they might also be procrastinating with a lot of to do things. More often, they don’t usually go back to their homes and finish whatever it is that they have to do, which is why technology has provided us with convenient ways such as portable gadgets for emails. There are things however that would provide services to meet the needs of these people. A very good example of this is a print shop. This is why putting up a print shop is also considered to be a very good business investment. If you’re planning to put up a print shop, here are some tips that would be very helpful.

Step 1

Make sure you invest in the best printing materials and equipment. Never settle for cheap or even second hand equipment (unless it is completely brand new and never been used). Always remember, your printing equipment is the most important thing in your print shop so always make sure that you’re using reliable and long lasting equipment. The best brands of printing equipment may be expensive but at least it gives you the best value for your money and it saves you from having to spend too much on repairs. There are a lot of trusted brands for printing equipment. You just have to make sure which you think is the best and which will be more cost effective in terms of ink usage. Also consider the warranty for each product.

Step 2

Keep things organized. A clean and organized print shop workspace would result to a more efficient workflow. Keeping things clean and organized in your print shop will also help you and your employees in looking for the materials that you need without having to ask one another or having to look all over the place. It will also help in making sure where to put things when it is done or to also help make things faster if it needs work from one work station to another. Aside from that, customers would be impressed on how well organized and how neat your print shop is. Before you set-up your workspace, make sure to do the planning first. Make a simple floor plan and sketch where to put up your workstations. You can also explain this to your employees for them to have a guide to follow.

Step 3

Manage your inventory. You should always make sure to check on your stocks. You wouldn’t want to do a last minute purchase to the nearest school and office supplies shop to buy photo papers or bond papers or even ink cartridges especially during peak hours. This would delay things and keep your customers unsatisfied with the service of your print shop. Always have a buffer for your stocks just in case and make sure to keep the stock level updated.

Step 4

Exhibit your best products or designs. In looking for a print shop, customers would always look at the quality of your work. So make sure to display them to give them assurance that your print shop provides quality output.

Step 5

Innovate and Diversify, always keep in mind that you’re not the only one who thought about putting up a print shop. There are also a lot of them so competition is quite tough. The only way for you to step up from competition is to innovate and diversify. Think of something that would be more convenient for your customers. For example, provide online services in which customers are able to do print jobs online and they would just have to pick it up in your shop once it is already finished. You can also offer other printing products such as printing on mugs or other things for souvenirs or giveaways. Think of something new and something that your customers would like.


People would just have to go to these print shops for printing jobs that need to be done right away.


By Ignat Victor, published at 03/21/2012
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10 Amazing Tips For a Print Shop. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.