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Great Advice For a Canon Scanner

Published at 03/21/2012 17:26:09


There are many scanners and printers available nowadays to the extent that it is difficult to pick the one that fits one’s requirement. But for people who read this article, they should be able to decide what type of scanner canon they will require if they are able to provide answers to the following simple questions.

Things to know before selection

The period (in hours and minutes) you will be spending daily to scan documents and materials?

How many pages of scanning do you envisage to be scanning on a daily basis?

Will you prefer color scanner canon to black and white one?

Which type of scanner do you prefer?

Automatic Document feeder (ADF) or Flatbed or do you want the one that has both features?

Do you prefer a two-sided (duplex) scanner or just single page is alright for you?

What are the sizes of the pages you will be scanning?

Which is the largest size?

Do you need scanner canon that works with Macintosh Computers?

Apart from the normal driver that will need to be installed for the device, Scanners generally works very differently from the other devices. This is because another software driver will need to be installed as well where the control interface of the scanner will be provided. So, for scanner canon, two different types of software are available for it to be used efficiently and effectively. They are ISIS and TWAIN software.


ISIS software is more standardized and its performance is far better than the TWAIN one. This is why faster scanner models usually come with this ISIS application and is the better choice for high volume scanning. Basically flatbed, sheetfed and other similar scanners from Canon come with TWAIN drivers and all other scanning applications support it.

Generally, any scanner can use scanning software for Microsoft windows. Except specially made ones, that requires special software and some models from Fujitsu manufacturer. You can use Search engine to look for those Scanner Canon that make use of ISIS or TWAIN software. Or better still, you can check their feature lists to confirm the supported software.

Still on software for scanners, there is one important one that is designed to produce a very good quality of the image in black and white from any file or document inside it. This software is called Virtual ReScan (VRS) and there is one common one (Kofax VRS) which works very well by analyzing every page and compute the brightness and contract settings which is best for the image. Kofax VRS works well with many document scanner canon products

Pre and Post Scan printers

There are also imprinter and endorser. Imprinters are some types of printers that print the image before it is captured. It is more or less called pre-scan printer (or imprinter). Endorser on the other hand prints images after they have been captured and is called post-scan printer (or imprinter). Both imprinters and Endorsers print very fast and in sequence ways. Every short value on a page will surely be scanned and printed. Both imprinter and endorser are just add-ons devices to scanner canon and they enhance the scanning abilities of the scanner.