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6 Tips To Buy Best Quality Jet Printer


A jet printer commonly referred to as inkjet printer uses droplets of ink on paper to create an image. There are many jet printers with different specifications and choosing one that meets your needs can be difficult. Here are a few tips that will help you buy the best quality jet printer.

Step 1

Resolution of a jet printer defined by the number of dots per inch it can print. If you wish to have the best quality printing, go for a high resolution jet printer. The higher the resolution the clearer the clearer the output is. A good quality printer will have a resolution of about 1440*1200 dots per inch. This is however on the lower side.

Step 2

High end models will give a resolution of up to 4800 dots per inch. These are quite expensive and may be quite hard to find. A medium quality jet printer with a resolution of2400*1200 will offer good quality for a reasonable price.

Step 3

A modern jet printer will have a memory buffer. Memory buffers are used by the printer to temporarily store data before printing.

Step 4

A jet printer or any other printer for that matter cannot match the output speed of a computer. Hence a small buffer us created to hold the data as the printer continues printing. Basic jet printers will have a buffer of less than 1MB which is expandable for some models.

Step 5

The larger the buffer, the faster in formation will flow from the computer and the faster the printing. Go for ajet printer with very high or expandable buffer memory.


Jet printer speeds are measured according to how many pages it can print in a minute. Print speeds vary due to quality settings, print mode and nature of the document. A higher quality setting will require longer time to print and thus a lower printing speed. Colour printing may not produce the same speed as monochrome printing. A quality jet printer will have speeds of up to a maximum of 28 pages per minute.

Choosing between dye ink and pigment ink is quite hard. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Dye inks have been known to be smoother but this is not the case anymore. Pigment inks have become better with time. Dye inks tend to fade faster than pigment inks when expose to natural elements like air, water and sunlight. Pigment ink jet printers should be at the top of your list of the best quality printers.

You buy what you pay for. Do not expect to get a jet printer 4800*1200 dpi going for the same price as a 1440*1200 dpi printer. The more expensive the printer the better its quality but this is not the case. The money you have should get you the best printer for that amount.

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Quality jet printers are shipped with the three in one option where your printer can be used as a scanner and also as a copier. This saves you money which otherwise would have been spend on two additional equipments and it also saves a lot of space due to their compact nature.

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