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How To Use a Printer For a Birthday Card

Published at 03/18/2012 18:25:51


Birthday and greeting card designs can be found on websites and through greeting card software. Not only is this an easy way to personalize a birthday card for someone, but it is also an affordable and time-saving alternative to purchasing a birthday card from a store. To get started with a printer card for birthdays, you will need to find websites or have software that will allow you to make them.

Step 1

One place that you can find a printer card for birthdays, is at This website specializes in all sorts of cards for all occasions. Popular categories include birthdays, congratulations, vacations, and thank you cards. In the birthday category, you will see many free cards that can be printed right now. They are available for him, her, kids, family, and more. Just select the type of birthday card that you are interested in to view all of the available designs.

Step 2

To get your printer card, you can now sort through the category that you chose for the ones that you like best. These can be organized by popularity and newest cards added to the website. When you find a printer card that you would like to give someone for their birthday, simply click on it. This will take you to a page where you can fully customize the card that you are looking at.

Step 3

Customize your printer card with the easy to use design tool from the website. At the top, you can click on the page that you would like to edit. These are the back, front, and inside pages of the printer card. Now, if you would like to add your own image to the page, click on the icon on the left that shows a picture of a child and a plus sign. You can select a picture from your computer and then move it to wherever you'd like on the card. The seal button allows you to add cute icons to the card. Even add your own text to the birthday printer card with the text tool. Once you are ready to print, click on the print button, where you will be asked to select the size of the card.

Step 4

After your birthday printer card has finished printing, you can fold it correctly so that it becomes your very own, handmade birthday card. If you would also like an envelope for your card, these can be printed from the website as well.

Step 5

Another way to use a printer for a birthday card, is to have special software on your computer that makes greeting cards. One of these programs is called Greetings Workshop. On here, you can choose pre-made cards or make yours custom from scratch. Print out the card and then fold it into the correct format.


Always be sure to add a custom message to your birthday printer cards and sign it from you. A handmade card means more than simply buying one from the store.

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