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How To Do a Print Screen

Published at 03/26/2012 12:51:19


Have you ever been wondering what is the purpose of a Print Screen key and why it is located in your keyboard though you do not use it often? Print screen is a very useful key in your computer specifically created to capture or take picture of what is in the screen of your computer. Likewise, this key is considered as a powerful tool which can offer you great advantage only if you know how to operate and make use of its potential.

Abbreviated as Prt Scr oftentimes, this is positioned anywhere in your keyboard depending on your manufacturer, but the standard position would be on the upper right corner of your keyboard, and others don’t have this key directly on their keyboard, thus using a combination will do. This is a powerful and useful tool because you can take picture of your entire screen and anything on it by just pressing this key and, alas, images can be printed, pasted, or emailed.

You can achieve great results in using this key if you know how it works and make use of its great features at your advantage. Here are the five easy steps that will surely brighten you up and give you better understanding on how to do and manipulate a print screen key.

Step 1

The overall timeframe of managing a print on whatever is there on your computer screen would only take a minute or less and be amazed of great results. Press Print Screen key on your computer keyboard which is often labeled as Prt Scr, usually found at the upper left corner of your keyboard.

Step 2

A method which is a quicker and an effective one is to open or have an image or graphics editing program to include Microsoft paint. Opening a word processing program in lieu of an image editing program will do to create a new document which only needs to position your cursor on wherever you wanted to place your captured image to appear.

Step 3

After having done steps 1 and 2, it would be the proper time to click paste on your menu or simply press Ctrl+V which enables you to paste the said screenshot on your open document. The captured image will immediately appear on your open document and could be placed or positioned in any location of your choice in the new document.

Step 4

Screenshot or captured images can now be enlarged, or you can make a little cropping of it if you found unnecessary or undesirable parts on the screenshots you have captured. After editing and making necessary cropping, it will be the best time for you to save the captured image by simply pressing Ctrl+S on your keyboard or clicking Save on your file menu. Create a new file name for your document and make sure to name it appropriately for you to easily locate and find the document whenever you want to open it.

Step 5

The last step would be the most exciting and enjoyable of all for the possibilities of how to use it, which comes to be endless and countless. This is the proper time for you to send this image through emails, make it a tool for your presentation, as well as print the new document.


You may never know the importance of a Print Screen key unless you get the interest of knowing it and learning the steps to manipulate in using it. Knowing its potentials will encourage you to try and eventually use it often, for it offers great features with the easiest and quickest way possible.

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