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Advantages Of Using a 35Mm Slide Scanner


The task of a slide scanner 35mm is to read the camera slides and negatives of an image and to transfer them immediately in to a digital image. They usually have an in- built printer so that the user can print good photographs at his home. A slide scanner 35mm is a convenient, efficient and economic way of printing photographs domestically. The user simply has to buy ink for the printer and photographic papers occasionally rather than standing in a long queue and paying high price to a printer.

The slide scanner 35mm has a mechanism called Transparent Materials Adapter or TMA. The slide scanners of TMA allow identifying the presence of negative elements of photographs and translating the content of the negative elements of the photographs in to digital data. The digital data saved so can be stored subsequently on computer or can be printed on the scanner itself or from other outer sources. The filed saved earlier can also be edited through different software programs like, Paint, Photoshop, Gimp, etc. They can also be uploaded to websites through Flickr, MySpace,, Facebook, etc.


The Advantages of 35mm Slide Scanner

The main advantage of having a slide scanner 35mm at home is, it is for your own private use, you can scan the slides at your convenience. In addition, since you are doing it on your own and do not have to pay hefty scanning charges to a printer, it gives you economic benefits. If you do not like a picture you can delete it or save it for future, no hurrying, everything at the comfort of your home. When you have a slide scanner 35mm you can print high quality images from both versions of cameras, such as, digital and manual cameras within a few seconds.

The Slide scanner 35mm converts your slides of 35mm in to TIFF or JPF format; it is a new way to experience your photo memories. When the scanning of the slides are over, have the photos & / or negatives scanned for digital image source file and make DVD slide shows from the transformed digital images.


Most digital cameras fail to perform superbly in low light or restricted light condition. Digital cameras also fail to match perfectly in certain shooting styles like conventional film cameras. These limitations of digital camera over its rival can be conquered by your transparency image scanner with support of slide scanner 35mm at home.

It is a good way to save and keeping track of your favorite memories. You can save them in different modes and in different formats of your choice.

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The Disadvantages of 35mm Slide Scanner

The main disadvantage of slide scanner 35mm is that the user has to buy printers ink and photographic papers in a quantity not suitable for a small user. These are not available otherwise than a big pack. If you do not print regularly or in large quantity, you have to invest a large sum of money on ink and papers uselessly for unnecessary longer period. Laying the slides carefully for an ideal print is not an easy task for beginners.

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