How To Get a Print From X Print
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How To Get a Print From X Print

Published at 03/22/2012 15:02:33


How To Get a Print From X Print

Need of prints

The prints are needed in order to keep the documents. The documents become the sources of evidences for the people. The use of documents is seen to be quite vigorous in the case of organizations and companies where there is an immense need of documents to communicate and to keep the evidences of the works executed by the organizations and the companies. So, the use of printers and the prints is seen to be more in case of companies as compared to the homes.

Step 1

Overview of X print service

X print is likely to be a client/ server print system. This system is based on ISO 10175 (including some other specifications) and secondly it is based upon X11 rendering protocol. X print is likely to be quite flexible, extensible and scalable as well. Using an X print service, an application can search for the printers and the fax machines. X print service can also convert the documents into the PDF files. X print service configures the printer devices according to the needs and the prints can be taken easily.

Step 2

Information about getting a print from X print

There are likely to be many points which are needed to be taken into consideration in order to know how the X print service works and how the X print service is used to get the prints.

Step 3

Print DDX drivers

In order to get the prints using the X print service it is important to use the print DDX drivers. The video DDX drivers should not be used. It is not advised to use the video DDX drivers because the video DDX drivers are likely to modify the pixels into the into the video frame buffer. Print DDX driver is likely to generate a language which is called as ‘page description language’ (PDL). Print DDX driver sends the instructions of print rendering to a specific platform must be noted that a single X-server may support both video DDX drivers and print DDX drivers.

Step 4

Manipulation of print contexts

In order to manipulate the print contexts a portion of the X print extension can be used to support the manipulation. A print context can be created after a printer is selected by using the X print extensions.

Step 5

A print context is likely to contain the capabilities, range of capabilities, generated output and printer state of the printers. This is because a print context embodies the printer selected.

Step 6

Delineate printed output

Portion of X print extension can be used to support the delineation of the printed output. This is because the printers support paged output.


How To Get a Print From X Print

Fonts in the printers

The printers are likely to have built in fonts. These fonts are likely to come as integral part of the printers. The X print extension in the X server can be used to make available the additional fonts. This can be done with the support of print DDX drivers.


 This feature is available for the printing purpose only. However, these are some of the important points which may provide the technical information about the X print service. These points are likely to clear many concepts about the X print service.