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Beautiful Design Inkjet Color Printer With Best Quality


Inkjet Color printer is used in offices as well as in homes. Printer is used to print out documents and photos on a piece of paper, that’s why it is known as an output device. Earlier, printers such as daisy-wheel printer, dot-matrix printer were slow and used to make lots of noise. Nowadays, laser and inkjet color printer are used. Inkjet Color printer technology works by scattering the ionized ink on the piece of paper. It is a common misconception that laser printer is far better than Inkjet Color printer. Inkjet Color printer can also produce same high quality output as the laser printer. Inkjet Color printer produces about 300dpi (dots per inch). Higher Dpi means great output. Generally, two cartridges are used in inkjet printers: one for black and another for magenta, yellow and cyan. Water resistant inks are also available for inkjet printers. Below we are going to discuss top 5 Inkjet Color printers.


Epson B-510DN is the best Inkjet Color printer available in the market. Priced at $600, it is efficient and it is having a great quality. The control panel is easy to operate with buttons for the purpose of printing. The given buttons are self-explanatory and even a naïve user can understand it. Connection through USB and Ethernet is easy and is compatible with Windows, MacOS and Linux. The consumable part of this product is cheap as compared to other printers. The only disadvantage of this printer is its price, apart from that ob scores good in great photo printout, speedy and cheap ink cartridges.

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HP Officejet Pro 8000 Wireless Printer is another good example of good Inkjet Color printer. It is cheaper than the Epson printer and is priced about $180. Wireless connectivity is one of the best features of this printer. Ink cartridges are cheap and the text prints are also very good. Their only problem is their quality of the image printouts. Photo exit is extremely slow. Operating this printer on Mac is tedious but achievable. This printer can be used in many small businesses.

HP Officejet 6000 Wireless is used in many offices and small businesses. This Inkjet Color printer is priced at only $120. It may be called as a lower end entity of their Pro 8000 printer. This printer too has many good features such as wireless connectivity and automatic duplexing. This printer also suffers from the same problem as the Pro 8000 wireless printer. Cheap printer and cheap ink cartridges is also a plus point.

Canon Pixma iP4920 Inkjet Photo Printer is mainly used by students and college goers. An interesting thing about this Inkjet Color printer is its ability to print on the CD/DVD. Since this printer is targeted for home users and students, it lacks wireless and Ethernet connectivity. No media card slot is a big disappointment as many printers have made this feature available at no additional charge. It is priced at only $100. Print quality is also very good with respect to the text as well as photo outputs.


Epson WorkForce 60 may not be as good as earlier printers, but this too has few advantages with them. This printer is priced at $130. The advantages of this printer are Wireless, USB and Ethernet connectivity with automatic duplexing. Ink cartridges are also very cheap. The disadvantages with them are that there is no provision for media card slot and no on-board display. The print quality is not that good.

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Beautiful Design Inkjet Color Printer With Best Quality. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.