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Small Size Brother Printer Laser

Published at 03/22/2012 14:42:07


Like almost every other piece of office equipment, laser printers have also gotten smaller. If the last time you were in the market for a laser printer was several years ago, you will be surprised at how much smaller laser printers are today. For instance, if you compare a popular style of Brother laser printer for monochrome or color printing five years ago to what is available today you will notice that the newer brother laser printer models weigh much less than the older versions. You will also notice that today's sleeker printers do not take up as much space as the older models.


Laser printers have always been the printers of choice for businesses because of their durability, the consistently reliable quality of their printing and because toner for laser printers last longer in  than toner does for inkjet models. Unfortunately, these benefits also came with a design that was often larger and heavier. For a business or individual who has a limited amount of space, size matters. As laser printers became more affordable, many businesses wanted the convenience of having more laser printers for their workers, but they struggled to find enough space to accommodate the additional printers they wanted to buy.

The smaller Brother laser printer models should solve many of these lack of space issues because even the most powerful desktop Brother laser printer models measure less than 20 inches in width and less than 20 inches in depth. This means that they can fit on the desk of busy administrative assistants to save them the time of having to go the the copy and print room to pick up their printouts. It also means that executives could have their own personal printers without having to sacrifice style by having a bulky printer in their office.


Businesses and individuals interested in Brother laser printer models can choose from three space saving, but powerful categories, black and white printers, color/LED printers and the laser/LED copier/scanner/printers.

The black & white printers print 32 pages per minutes and feature duplex printing. Each printer has a paper tray that hold up to 250 pages and one printer has an extra paper tray to hold up to 500 pages. Each printer has the same width and depth, 14.6" W x 15.1" D, so they use the same amount of surface space. The only size difference is that the model with 500 paper tray is a little taller. These models weigh between 21 and 27 lbs.

The color/LED Brother laser printer models each print between 25-30 black & white and color pages. They each hold 500 sheets and an additional paper tray can be added to increase the paper storage capacity. The foot print of two of these models is only 16.1" x 19.1" x 12.3" (W"xD"xH") and the largest model only takes up slightly more surface space at 16.1" x 19.5" x 17.6" (W"xD"xH"). Each weighs less than 60 lbs.

The laser/LED copier/scanner/printers print 32 pages per minute and only weigh about 40 lbs each. Each also uses relatively little space since they only measure 20.9" x 17.7" x 18.7" (W"xD"xH").

Tips and comments

  • For small office spaces, consider buying the multi-function Brother laser printer model because if employees do not have to travel far to pick up their printing, one or two of this model will save more space than buying the smaller printer models for each employee.