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Mobile Printers With Small Size And Beautiful Shape

Published at 03/22/2012 23:09:50


A printer is a peripheral machine in computing used to reproduce images and text on paper or on transparencies. Printers are being used by a gazillion of people all over the world. They have rightly become a part of our daily routine. Offices, banks, schools, colleges, hospitals, even homes - they are all in need of a printer or two. Print out the pictures of your loved ones, or the graphs, data and reports for your work, type away an assignment and with click of a button it is in your hand. Their uses are countless. Printers are often combined with scanners, fax machines and can also carry out the function of photocopier machines. In our modernized world, where technology is getting smaller day by day, portable mobile printers come in real handy.


The history of printing goes back to 3000 BCE. In Mesopotamia, the cylindrical seals and clay tablets were used to produce complex images. In Europe and Egypt, stamps were used as seals. In China and India, clothe printing was the first form of printing to be invented. Later, this technique was probably used on the papyrus. Woodblock techniques were discovered by East Asians which were gradually adopted throughout the world. It was a method of printing on textiles, clothes and paper. Movable type printing techniques were invented by Chinese around 1014 Ad. They were a form of typography and printing in which metal pieces were grouped together to form a document to be printed. In Europe, Johannes Gutenberg, recreated this method which is considered to be a breakthrough in printing world. Today, typically all the movable printers are derived from his method. Lithography was used to produce images and text by a chemical reaction. It was invented in 1796 by a Bavarian author Alloys Senefelder. 20th century saw the production of various type of printers like screen-printing, flexography, photocopier, thermal printers, laser printers, dot matrix printers, inkjet printers, frescography, mobile printers and most recently 3D printers.


Laptops, computer, phones and several other devices are usually being used on a wireless system. Huge printers have become impractical to get on with our tiny gadgets and busy lives. Thus, mobile printers have become substantially valuable in our era. Due to their small sizes and attractive shapes, they are handy and practical and make an ideal choice for students, businessmen etc. For people who are on work trips a lot, it has become imperative to carry on a small mobile printers on themselves. They are generally compact, light in weight, easy to carry and most of them do not need an electric source to function. You can even purchase them in sizes so small that they can fit in your pocket! Mobile printers are designed to be cost and time effective. A busy person can easily work and travel and thus manages to utilize important time. Most of the mobile phones offer Bluetooth option for printing. For using Bluetooth printers, you only have to be in the range of Bluetooth device. They are compatible with Apple phones, android software, laptops, computers and cell phones that offer a Bluetooth option. Buy them in any color you desire - green, pink, purple, red, yellow, blue - the choice is yours. They come in all shapes - square, circular, rectangular and oblong. They may lie flat or stand up.

Tips and comments

Mobile printers usually use inkjet or thermal printers techniques. Color printers have been recently introduced. They may be wired, wireless and are battery powered. They are specially designed for road use and are capable on printing on A4 size sheet. Get a portable mobile printer for your devices and speed up your lives.