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What Is the Best Printer Format?


The choice of the printer you make will determine the growth of your business. Many individuals or businesses will think that it doesn’t matter which printer you use for the growth of a business. Have you asked yourself why some people or organizations prefer coming to your place to print their work? They ignore printers near them and walk all the way to your place. It’s not because the hate the print rooms near them; they are looking for the best format printer - a printer which will make their work outstanding and appealing to their target audience. You know business is about competition; everyone wants to outsmart their competitors and the only way to achieve this is by getting the best format printer.

There are many types of best format printers in the market today. The printers are grouped as either large format printers or wide format printers.

Large format printers

Many offices and Studios especially those that deal with graphic arts need outputs that are large in size. Fitting a large spreadsheet into one page for instance will require the use of large format printer in order to get the best output. This format printer allows you to print at 11 by 17 inches (tabloid) and 13 by 19 (super-tabloid) sizes. Some of the large format printers include: HP Officejet 7000 which performs a single function; Brother MFC-6490CW which allows you to print and scan at tabloid size. Large graphic studios and offices can also go for Xerox Phaser 7500/DN which produces professional-looking output. All the above format printers are used for producing documents.

ValueJet 1614 made by Mutoh America is also one of the most recognized best format printer in the market today. It operates at a high speed and produces prints of high quality. It’s been praised of offering the best values today in the large format printing. Among other advantages, ValueJet improves the accuracy of paper feed, it has exceptional take-up system, has three heaters which are controlled individually for faster drying among others.

Large format printers for photographs

Photos also apart from the creativity you use when shooting it requires the best format printer for you to produce the best and attractive output - output that will keep your target audience looking at them for more than ten years down the line. Now you know it’s not only about creativity in the photographs; the choice of printer also matters. Canon PIXMA Pro9000 is one of the best format printers which produce prints of top quality on a range of papers (which includes canon’s fine-art papers) at sizes of up to 13 by 19. This printer utilizes the 8-color ink system. Epson claims that its Epson Stylus Photo R1900 is capable of printing photos at sizes up to 13 by 44 inches that lasts up to 300 years when stored in dark places. HP Photosmart B8550 is also a best format printer that prints beautiful graphics and photographs at super-tabloid size.

The ValueJet 1614 also produces outdoor and indoor images that are of high quality at high speeds than other printers that have the same price as the ValueJet itself.

Disadvantages of best format printers

So many people wish to have these printers but their prices are an obstacle to them. These printers are priced highly making it unaffordable to small businesses and individuals. They also require a high maintenance cost or rather they cost a lot of cash to repair them in case they of a break down.

By Bob Meadow, published at 03/29/2012
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