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How To Troubleshoot An All in One Copier Scanner Printer Fax

Published at 03/28/2012 21:25:59


The multifunctional devices have increased in popularity in the last period, due to the many advantages that are coming with them. A multifunctional copier scanner printer fax system will allow you to perform many of the office activities directly at your home. You can therefore copy, scan, print or fax documents using a single machine, reducing at the same time the maintenance costs, and saving space. Even if these all in one copier scanner printer fax machines are feasible, in some situations these devices can break down, leaving you suspended with all office activities. If a problem occurs with the multifunctional copier scanner printer fax device, here is some information that can help to troubleshoot.

Step 1

Step 1: Check the problem

You can encounter a functioning problem when performing any of the available functions of the copier scanner printer fax device. For example, when copying or faxing, a paper jam issue can occur. In this situation you should first remove the paper, but without disassembling the multifunctional device. You should remove it with attention, in general in the opposite direction as it was stuck, in order not to break some parts of the machine.

Step 2

Step 2: Look on the display

Many of the latest all in one copier scanner printer fax devices are more easy to use, and their advanced features are allowing to show on the display what is the cause of problem occurred with the device. For example, is the paper is stuck in the machine, on the display it will be noticed the “paper jam” issue.

Step 3

Step 3: Check for errors

If the copier scanner printer fax machine is out of paper or out of tonner, messages as “load paper” or “replace toner” can appear on the screen. Any error that is recognized by the system will appear on the machine’s display. In some situations the errors can be presented as code numbers, and therefore you should read the book guide that is coming with it, to identify and solve the problem.

Step 4

Step 4: Read the guide

A book guide will always come with an all in one copier scanner printer fax machine. These guides are containing useful information on how to utilize and maintain the multifunctional machine, and some basic troubleshooting steps as well. These steps are addressed to solve the most common problems that can appear with a copier scanner printer fax device, and that you can solve yourself, without technical assistance.

Step 5

Step 5: Call technical support

If there are some paper pieces left in the multifunctional copier scanner printer fax machine, or some parts of the system were damaged or broken, you should call for a technical assistance. The specialized support might be needed to troubleshoot and to replace some components if the case. Do not try to fix the problem yourself, as you can bring more damages to the machine, or you can lose the guarantee if this is still valid.


Another problem that can appear is when the printed pages are white, or with different colors, meaning that ink cartridges have to be replaced.