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How To Print Photo Pages


With a printer and the right software, you don’t need any more to use the photo print services of a printing company. The printers are now coming with high quality features, allowing you to obtain almost the same photo print quality as the professional services are offering. Using photo print software as PhotoCool for example, you can print photo pages, CD covers, mini ID cards, list of contacts, calendars, etc. Multiple photos can be printed on a single page, and in general you will not need a specialized assistance to do this at your home, as most of the photo print software are easy to use and are offering guidance through the procedure.

 In general the operation can be performed using the drag-and-drop option, for arranging photos according with their size, or in the manual mode. If you want to photo print at home pages to create cool photo memories, here are five steps to be followed.

Step 1

Browse the images

Most of the photo print software is giving many options for retrieving images from various sources, for example your computer’s hard drives, your digital camera, scanners or other disks. Browse the folders that are containing the photos you want to print on the page, and this way you are ready to continue.

Step 2

Set the page layout

In general the page layout can be setup by clicking on the button “Change Page Layout”, available in the toolbar. With this option you can also select the arrange mode to be used, that can be by size, thumbnail or manual.

Step 3

Add the images to the layout

Select the images you want to print on the photo page, using the drag-and-drop option or just double-clicking on the image selected. You have the option to print only a photo, or to add multiple images to a single page. Check again the settings and make sure that the size of the paper from the printer is adapted to the layout of the photo page to be printed.

Step 4

 Edit the images

The photo print software is coming with many options for editing the images. Using the image editor you can edit each image separately, by rotating, flipping, adjusting colour or brightness, and you can also crop, sharpen, blur, remove red eye and make colour corrections as well. The number and the complexity of editing options are depending on the available features that are coming with the photo print software.

Step 5

Print photo pages

After the entire editing job is done and the photo page has the size and the format you desire, you are ready to see the results of your work. Just click on the “print” button to photo print the pages you have created. You can choose to print one or more copies, or to use a special glossy paper that will give a beautiful and natural photo aspect to your images.


For printing photo pages you just need to follow the instructions, and use the available options for personalizing the images, in order to be printed according with your preferences.


By Ignat Victor, published at 03/27/2012
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