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the Disadvantages Of Using An All in One Copier Printer Fax Scanner


With a multifunctional printer device you can bring the office directly at your home. A multifunctional device is bringing the copier printer fax scanner all together, and it is eliminating the need of having separate machines. A multifunctional device is combining all copying, printing, faxing and scanning machines into a single equipment. Even if the demand for this type of devices has increased significantly in the last period, there are both advantages and disadvantages coming with this multitasking approach. The advantages of having the copier printer fax scanner all in a single device can be many, considering that you can have almost all you need from one machine. An advantage is the fact that these machines are easy to be maintained, and can help you save important space, and some dollars as well from the maintenance costs.

However, these multifunction devices are not the perfect solution for all the costumers. The most common reason is that a function can be compromised in front of another. For example, you can scan with success various materials, but you will not be able to print high quality images. Or you will not be able to send a fax when the multifunctional device is printing pages. Below we present some of the disadvantages of using an all in one copier printer fax scanner machine.


These multifunctional machines are working on the principle “first in – first out”. If you have to scan some documents, to print or copy some pages and send some faxes at the same time, you will have to prioritize these activities. This is because a multifunctional copier printer fax scanner device cannot perform functions in parallel, and therefore you can be stacked up in a queue for some time, before moving to another. And this means that you will need more time to go through all the processes. Furthermore, how fast you can scan some documents for example, depends of the how rapid the machine works. The better the machine, less time you need to complete your work. In comparison with a professional scanner you might need more minutes to finish the work.


In case the multifunctional device breaks down, all its capabilities will be completely canceled. If the machine is out of service, none of the printing, copying, faxing or scanning functions will be available. And for a business where these operations are very important, this problem can cause many inconveniences. At the same time the maintenance works performed for a multifunctional machine are usually more expensive.

High Operating Costs

Even if the initial costs for purchasing an all in one copier printer fax scanner device can be considered an advantage, the operating costs of these machines are a little expensive. The power necessary for running this type of machine is higher and therefore can cost you a lot of money. And in the situation when maintenance works are required, these are often expensive. Majority of multifunctional devices are using more ink as other machines, because this is used for many of the functions, as for printing, copying and faxing.

By Ignat Victor, published at 03/27/2012
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the Disadvantages Of Using An All in One Copier Printer Fax Scanner. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.