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What You Need To Know About Wireless Photo Printer

Published at 03/24/2012 22:43:44


Printers are used to produce text or graphic from a digital source on to a physical source like a sheet of paper, a soft copy. Nowadays photo printers with stunning color results are used all over the world for printing of digital images and photographs. Wireless photo printers can also print black and white images. No more wires are required to attach the printer to a computer. With the advent of wireless photo printer, a single printer can be used by multiple users. Multiple electronic sources that include mobile devices, laptops and computers can be connected to the same printer using the wireless technology. These printers use is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. With this technology there is no hassle of having the computer or laptop directly attached to the printer.


The most commonly used as well as the oldest photo printers are the inkjet printers that use dots of ink to produce digital images on the paper. They date back to the mid-1970s. Inkjet printers have dramatically improved over the last two decades. The inkjet photo printers use ink cartridges that are replaceable. Different companies have different designs, where some printers make use of costly electronically charged ink that makes a coat all over the page, others spray it only where necessary. The latter process, of course, is very time consuming but the printer of this sort are less expensive. Inkjet photo printers are now available with the feature of wireless connection. Other photo printers laser tone-based printers, solid-ink printers, dye-sublimation printers, and inkless printers that make use of heat and UV rays.


Nowadays wireless photo printer is used increasingly due to its huge advantages over the printers that require cables. Their biggest advantage is the freedom to set these printers anywhere in the home or office. Desktops, mobile devices, and laptops can all be connected to the wireless photo printer at the same time without the trouble of wires. Laptops do not need to be carried to the wireless photo printer every time you need to print. The printing speed is as good as the printers that are connected to computers via cables. Also, wireless photo printer is not very expensive. As a lot of companies are producing it, there is a lot of variety and one according to an individual's budget and needs can be found. The wireless photo printer from a well known brand is the most reliable. It is advisable to use the ink cartridges as advised by the company or brand of your wireless photo printer. Wireless connectivity is very beneficial and saves a lot of set up time. It can work via both wireless network (Wi-Fi) or Bluetooth technology.

Tips and comments

Wireless photo printer works the best with Bluetooth technology. It is the easiest way to connect to the printer and it the most flexible as almost all devices these days have a Bluetooth enabling option even if the wireless network option is not available or present. Older printers that use cables can be upgraded to wireless easily. All it requires is that you buy a wireless printer server and set it up. Wireless photo printer work best with newer versions of Windows. USBs and cameras can also be connected. You can use password protection to make sure that the printer can only be used to connect to your devices.