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Review Of the Canon Inkjet Photo Printer

Published at 03/24/2012 21:01:57


Canon inc. is a Japanese multinational incorporation that is all about optical and imaging products. They manufacture consumer electronics like cameras, photo copy machines, camcorders, steppers, scanners, digital cameras, ophthalmic instruments, and computer printers. The Canon inc. headquarters are situated in Ota, Tokyo, Japan. Using remarkable visual technologies, Canon inc. has given the world one of the most amazingly useful products, the Canon inkjet photo printer that gives stunning results and it has now become amongst the favorites 


The Canon company was named Kwanon in the beginning by its founder, Goro Yoshida. The source of inspiration for the name Kwanon was a Buddhist bodhisattva Guan Yin who was known to the Japanese as Kannon. Kwanon was founded in Tokyo, Japan on August 10, 1937. In 1947 Kwanon was renamed to Cannon Camera Co. as the first ever product mastered was Japan's first camera, a 35 mm focal plane shutter. In 1969 after the introduction on lens and calculators, the company became known as Canon inc. The first ever Canon Inkjet Photo Printer was made using bubble jet technology in 1985. In 2003, Canon inc. presented to the world a technology called portable digital x-ray that made possible the reconstruction of the face of an Egyptian mummy, the famous Queen Nefertiti. Canon Europe celebrated its fiftieth anniversary in the year 2007. Most recently in 2010 Canon inc. has taken hold of Tereck Office Solutions, inc.


An inkjet printer basically uses drops of ink to create the digital image on paper from the computer. Inkjet printers are the most commonly used printers all over the world. Canon is one of the top most companies that makes inkjet printers and the Canon Inkjet Photo Printer is one of the very best and reliable. Canon Inkjet Photo Printer usually comes in a white or black matte finish and has high quality image results. It has Canon's Fine print head technology. The print out image has beautiful colors and the whole printing process on average takes no more then twenty seconds. The built in wifi technology comes in handy and therefore images from a variety of sources like mobile phones, laptops and computers. The Auto Duplex Print feature can be used to print on both sides of a sheet. Fun filter effects are built in and can be used for creative purposes. The intelligent touch system is a key feature of Canon Inkjet Photo Printer that is worth mentioning.

Tips and comments

The Canon Inkjet Photo Printer is the best printing equipment a photographer could have to scan and print his photographs, to share his work and showcase it to the world. The printer and ink cartridges are expensive but completely worth it. The Canon Inkjet Photo Printer is quite, fast, and efficient. This is one of the best advanced technology printers. Handling the printer and replacement of cartilages is not at all difficult. The screen controls are user friendly.There are black and white as well as coloured printing options available. The Canon Inkjet Photo Printer is recognized internationally for its high print quality.