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How To Replace Printer Cartridge Toner


Printer is a device that is attached to computer to print different kinds of documents, pictures, text and other things also. Printers have the ability to print text on paper with the help of laser and ink also. There are different types of printers easily available in market and also having exclusive features. Printers are mostly used in offices, professional advertising agencies and also in homes. Printers are also of different types and mechanism like in the past time, ink jet printer was famous. But now laser printers are also available that are of efficient use. Printers have become so common just because they are helpful for everyone to use in daily routine.

Step 1

Printer quality depends on the paper and on the printer cartridge toner also. You can get the best results if printer cartridge toner and paper quality is exceptional. There are different qualities in printer cartridge toner, you can get it according to your choice and needs. You will be able to get the best deal only if you will pay a better amount.

Step 2

Cheap printer cartridge toner is also available in the market but they can give you poor printing results. The printer cartridge toner is easily accessible from different printer shop and also from countless websites. But you should buy the recommended printer cartridge toner as it will be easily compatible with your printer.

Step 3

Most of the people don’t have any information about how to replace a printer cartridge toner. If it is finishes, they think that printer has got some problems and takes it to the mechanic. But there are also some persons who really know about how to replace the printer cartridge toner efficiently at home. You can simple Google the procedure to replace the printer cartridge toner. You will get countless websites and articles about changing printer cartridge toner.

Step 4

You should get the appropriate printer cartridge toner from market and while changing you should also check whether the printer is on or off. Detach the printer from computer to replace printer cartridge. Carefully open the printer and put out existing printer cartridge toner. You should be very careful as these things are really sensitive and delicate.

Step 5

Use your one hand to detach it and other hand on the printer to hold it. When you have detached it, place the new printer cartridge toner according to the arrow sign mentioned on the toner.


Place it correctly and rotate it until it gets adjusted. Now turn on your printer and order it to print any of the documents as a trail. If the printer prints the document clearly and with fine result that must be better as compare to the old one, it means you have installed the printer cartridge toner successfully.


So this is the easiest way to replace printer cartridge toner by your selves. But if you are feeling any kind of problems or confusion you can simply go to any of the computers shop to resolve your problem. Any friend of you can also help you in doing this. YouTube is the best social network that can help you by letting you to see practical videos.

By Eva Rosenberg, published at 03/27/2012
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