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How To Find the Correct Ink For Your Inkjet Printer


Printer is one of the most crucial output devices of a computer system. Printers are generally used to take the print out of the hard copy of the information that we have on the system. There are various types of printers available in the present world. These are namely laser printers, dot matrix printers, line printers and inkjet printers. The technology associated with all these printers vary. Inkjet printers print using the ink present within the cartridge they have. For inkjet printer ink you need to be very specific. Unless you get the proper inkjet printer ink it might not last long enough and hence can be economically costly. We surely can follow few tips while we get the absolute perfect inkjet printer ink for ourselves.

Step 1

The foremost important thing that we must keep in mind while buying inkjet printer ink is that the cartridge should not be refilled if possible. Try using a genuine cartridge of the company which has manufactured your printer. Often, it has been seen that improper cartridge refills have given rise to issues within the inkjet printer. The ink might spill during operation and cause hazard to the circuits within the printer. Hence, we can easily buy the genuine cartridge directly in order to save our inkjet printers.

Step 2

The next important thing that you must keep in mind while buying inkjet printer ink is the model number of your printer. This issue is faced by many people across the world. Due to misunderstanding, they end up buying a printer cartridge of some unknown company or model, which is not compatible with his or her printer. Therefore, whenever you want to buy cartridges for your printer keep the model number along with you.

Step 3

If you feel confused about buying inkjet printer ink from local shops, then try buying it on the internet. It is best and the most safe way to buy the cartridge online from the manufacturer’s website. The website will clearly show you the printer model, and hence there will be no chance of any mistake. Often, these cartridges are offered at attractive rates too, in order to draw more and more customers.

Step 4

Even if you think about refilling your cartridge for inkjet printer ink then think again. Probably this option will best suit your needs, once you have already used the printer beyond the time included in warranty policy. Until and unless this is done, and if the printer somehow gets damaged due to ink spill, then it would not be covered under warranty anymore. Therefore, think before you decide.

Step 5

Refilling in any case should be done at places which are experienced in dealing with inkjet printer ink. In many cases people choose cheap computer shops and hence, lose money as well as the printer finally. We must remember that even if we refill the cartridge we must choose a professional place for this refilling work to be done.


Always try to use original cartridge. If you don’t know about refilling then please don’t try it yourself.

By AJ, published at 03/26/2012
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