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When one is seeking to get a good print by any printer it is good to be aware of some basic printing principles for the different print jobs around. A quick tip; when printing photos an individual should choose to select the option that provides the highest quality of print available on that particular printer. Once the photos are done printing they should be placed properly on a smooth surface for a whole day after which one can frame them according to their own taste.


In order to get a good print by a printer for flexographic purposes, one should understand the purpose of this kind of printing in the first place. This sort of printing is mostly done on packaging material. The surface where the print will be applied should be cleared of any blemishes. The good thing about this sort of printing is that one is provided with the flexibility of printing on different materials and also different types of inks can be used. The intended purpose of the printer by the user will also determine whether one gets the required print by the same. If one’s purpose is to print documents and the like then they will not get much help if they went to the store and purchased a screen printer. Fitness for purpose is a factor that should be used to determine the type of printer to be bought. Getting a good print by any brand of printer may also be determined by a how well the printer is maintained by its owner. The printer nozzle is a good place to start checking out; when this area is clogged one could end getting very bad print jobs. So it is important to ensure that frequent checks are carried out on the printer to prevent this from happening.


If one is to get a good print by whatever printer they need to be checking the printer head every now and then. The printer head is responsible for placing the ink on the printing surface and therefore it is important to ensure that it is in the right order to achieve desirable results. When it comes to printing documents one should not be tied down by the conventional paper sizes. To get the best print by any printer one needs to have some kind of creativity and not just sticking to the standard provisions like A4 sized papers and the rest. It is important to stimulate the reader and get them interested in reading the print out. The mode of printing; that is the layout should also serve to show a level of creativity and deviation from convention.

Tips and comments

Generally getting the best print by all standards will greatly be determined by the level of care that one gives their printer. Neglecting the machine will lead to shoddy print jobs and may even cause permanent damage. Replacing cartridges, dusting trays, maintaining the printer head, among other activities will do a lot to improve the quality of work produced by the printer.

By Elly Andy, published at 03/27/2012
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Get a Print By Pfinter X. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.