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How To Make Shirts By Print

Published at 03/29/2012 10:49:44


Having a shirt by print is an admirable thing. The cost of doing a shirt by print is very cheap on top of doing it the way you want it to look like. Some people do it for business purposes , some do it as an appeal and others do it because they like their shirts to look as they like. All the reasons explained make you look more comfortable in your fashion of shirt by print. Many people who do it for many purposes and have the market ready really enjoy their job.

Step 1

Whether you do it or you approach a professional to do a shirt by print you will need to understand the way you can do it. If you lack the experience, it is good to take the right pat to achieving your desired goal then. So there is no need to worry because the exercise is very simple if you are ready to learn.

Step 2

For a start , if you do not have experience in doing the shirts by print you are required to do some samples first before you engage in bulk printing or your personal printing .

Step 3

The reason as to why the practice is very important is because, for every mistake you make with a new shirt by print,the cost will rise up an d therefore you will incur very much before even you make the shirt by print. You can start by using very old shirts for practice.

Step 4

Rugs are also advised if you really want to take up the challenge.Dont use new brand shirts when doing the pilot test as you are going to incur incredibly high cost of production more especially if you are doing the shirts by print for business purposes. Those who are really doing it for business purposes really need to take the point seriously. If you make mistakes when you are using the rags you will only count the cost of ink as a loss but any way, you are doing a test of what you want to do in a more professional way.

Step 5

For a start you can keep the production low as you pick up in the market. It is advisable that you keep the cost of production low or else you are going to use all your money in trying to make more while not observing the stock turn over.


Doing shirts by print in low quantity will also help you to sharpen your skills and techniques in making the situation look more better. DO not overprint to avoid concentrating your funds only on production.

Sources and Citations

Another thing you have to look into is how the dyes and colors should be mixed. If you really want to make the difference, take a keen study into the types of colors you are using and ensure that you are using the right amount and mixture when you are doing the shirts by print. In many cases people waste the dyes and go at a loss even during the stage of production. To avoid this take everything keenly and do it in the most professional way you can afford to do. If you do the above then making a shirt by print will be an easy task for you.