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Discover 8 Tips For Fax Printer Copier Scanner

Published at 03/29/2012 01:03:04


A device that integrates into a single device, which includes a document copier, a scanner, a printer, plus in some cases a fax (send texts via telephone signals) and USB ports front is termed as fax printer copier scanner. Depending on the model, the fax printer copier scanner can also be used without a computer, and you can read the files from the USB memory and print images directly from them, send fax without direct connection to the modem, scan and save directly to a USB drive and copy generation in either color or black as well as straight.

Step 1

Fax printer copier scanner may be of 2 types, multifunctional inkjet or laser MFP. In the first case of fax printer copier scanner, as the ink jet printers in which the liquid ink cartridges are used to mix the colors so as to produce the desired range, while the multifunctional laser toner ink of fax printer copier scanner is used in powder form and is printed in black.

Step 2

The basic functions of fax printer copier scanner should integrate a multifunctional are:
• Print data from the computer.
• Scan and store documents from your computer.
• Generate copies of printed documents.

Step 3

Optional features of fax printer copier scanner that can integrate multifunctional aspects are:
• Print resolution photographic data from a USB storage device without a computer.
• Scan documents and store them on a USB storage device.
• Allow faxing without a computer.
• The capability to get prints from optical discs (CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, HD-DVD or Blue-Ray).
• Integrating an LCD screen to display the functions.


Connectors and ports of the multifunctional fax printer copier scanner are dependent on the model through which it can be integrated into a Centronics port or a USB port.

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Features of Fax Printer Copier Scanner
• The fax printer copier scanner inkjet can print up to 27 pages on a per minute basis (ppm) in the color black. Considerably reduced in size, and is very quiet and have a high level of print quality in both black and color. Also with the rise of compatible products, you can use less recognized brand cartridges, but with quality like that of the manufacturers.
• Print Speed is the number of sheets printed in black ink text per minute, which is capable of performing multifunctional ppm its measure is page per minute.
• Resolution of print quality is the amount of dots of ink that is able to condense the printer in an area of 1 square inch and is measured in dpi ("dots per inch").
• Print technology: This feature of fax printer copier scanner is a non-impacting element and can be inkjet or laser technology.
• Connectivity: the type of ports available to the fax printer copier scanner to receive data from the computer, network or other devices. They are usually USB or Centronics.
• Scan Resolution: is the maximum number of dots per square inch that can scan and that by concentrating on one square inch is not distorted. This is measured in dpi ("dots per inch") and usually is 1800 dpi, 2400 dpi, 3600 dpi or 4800 dpi.
• Scanner Depth: Refers to the number of bits used to define each pixel, so that the greater number of bits used, you can capture a greater number of colors.