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How To Troubleshoot a Copier Fax Scanner Printer


Problem with our multifunctional printer is a part of technical issues faced by people after installing the machine. The best way to deal with problems in copier fax scanner printer machine is to troubleshoot it with simple step by step procedure. Your manual should be kept in handy prior beginning with copier fax scanner printer troubleshooting. Some problems arise due to manufacturing defect. This is to note that any kind of physical damage done by you prior copier fax scanner printer troubleshoot can cost you a hefty price. This is why you should not fidget with it.

Technical language is known by few and troubleshooting is one among those languages. Knowledge of hardware in a basic manner is mandatory along with software handling. Since, copier fax scanner printer machine is a multitasking machine hence the procedure should be followed carefully. The basic steps to be followed for troubleshooting are as follows:

Step 1

Plug in and Power on. This is the first most legitimate step that should be followed. This may sound a little easy but almost 60% cases have been found where this step was not being followed or checked in prior. It is advised to check the socket as well.

Step 2

Next step to fix copier fax scanner printer machine is to check whether it is connected to your computer or instruction giving machine or not. Sometimes, the cable is damaged in between and in case of wireless connection, there have been several cases where the signal is not found. Once connected to the computer, refresh the print command given before. This will cancel the previous request and give a new one.

Step 3

Next common step to troubleshoot copier fax scanner printer machine is to check for paper and printer cartridge ink. Many time printers and fax do not respond if paper is not present or cartridge is empty. Fax copiers receive the signals but are not able to print it. This is also one of the common problems faced by people.

Step 4

Paper jams often take place when fax machine is on. Along with that, copier or Xerox machine may also face the same kind of problem. Switching off the copier fax scanner printer machine and then after 5 minutes again restarting it may fix the problem. Another step to be included along with that is the test paper print step.

Step 5

Remote support of software corruption is the technical step, which shall be taken after trying all the above steps. This is not necessary to have it remote fixed but is advised in case of wireless connection. Sorting out your problems in copier fax scanner printer machine, this may take few hours to fix your problem and you do not need to do anything in person.


Accessing rights are to be given by the administrator to the person remotely using your computer to fix the bug. Defective drum, rollers, fuser and toner may also be the technical problem arising in your multifunctional printer machine.

additional tips

After trying all this, if copier fax scanner printer is not fixed then technical assistance is advised for people troubleshooting it.

By AJ, published at 03/28/2012
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