How To Install a Color Print Cartridge
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How To Install a Color Print Cartridge

Published at 03/28/2012 10:17:17


How To Install a Color Print Cartridge

Fidgeting with your electronics and appliances is not advised by anyone. This is for the same reason why many people fear to even touch the cartridge of their printers. When it comes to installing your color print cartridge then you may find it a little technical to deal with. Following manual guide is the best thing to do, but apart from that there are certain things that you need to keep in mind before installing color print cartridge.

Online help is widely available for changing color print cartridge of your printer. Along with that, here you will find simple step wise procedure to change and install your color print cartridge with expertise:

Step 1

The first step to follow is to get the color print cartridge for your printer. This is an important part as you need to get the exact same model number cartridge for your printer. Making the right choice in choosing the correct cartridge is mandatory.

Step 2

After choosing the right kind of cartridge model, you need to decide that whether you want to refill or replace the color print cartridge for your printer. Cost is one of the basic factors that come in mind of the person. Choosing the best option is upon you. Getting a new cartridge is advised so the quality is not negotiated in anyways.

Step 3

Removing the old color print cartridge from your printer is the next step to follow. You need to be careful as many people break the clip and hardware that is inside the printer. Working mechanism of each printer is different. Based on your printer model, you need to carefully take the old one out. Printer’s cradle is parked at the right place and is turned off. These are the two things you will have to check before taking it out.

Step 4

New color print cartridge is now going to get installed by you in this step. Plastic tape seal is given when new cartridge is ordered. Tampering must not be done when removing the seal from the cartridge. After removing them, you need to place the color print cartridge on the cradle provided. This needs to be done carefully and correctly. If something is coming in way, then do not force and find the reason behind it.

Step 5

Many color print cartridge come with proper instruction as what needs to be done for replacing the cartridge. It is advisable not to blindly follow the instructions and always see the manual provided with the printer. Online help is the next way to turn your head when you need any kind of assistance regarding cartridge change.


Before installing the cartridge, you must check for any kind of manufacturing defect. There are times when the toner or ink in the cartridge is dried up. This is the time when you should directly contact the customer care for assistance. Checking your well sealed package is mandatory for this reason only.

additional tips

Cost is the last factor that one needs to look up as well. Making the correct decision based on the price factor sets your final deal. Replacing cartridges can also be done by professionals.