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5 Reliable Office Printers


Printers are an essential asset for every office no matter functions they perform or purposes they serve. Printers serve to provide valuable information to either the clientele or the workers themselves. The different types of office printers used however depend highly upon the tasks under consideration. This takes into account the frequency of printing, the quality of prints required and the environment as well. Office printers are not only required to print out things but are also important with reference to their strain on the budget. Offices obviously wouldn’t prefer spending large amounts of cash even if it’s idle on purchasing and maintaining their printers.


Printers found previously were very inefficient and performed tasks assigned to them really slowly, and also produced a sufficient deal of noise. Not only did these printers compromise on efficiency but they also made the office a very loud and annoying place. Something no company would want. But nobody could actually do anything since that was the only availability in the market. With the progression of time and the increased need for more effective choices newer printers came into the market. These choices served dual purposes, not only were they printers but they were in-built scanners as well. Offices now didn’t need to spend much because they got two devices in one. This steady rise in demand also led to increased competition and many companies began supplying office printers.


Inkjet printers are the most versatile out of all. They can print on various different types of stationery like textured, fabric, canvas and banner size sheets. Some can even print on coated CDs and DVDs and that is very remarkable and not known by most people. They can blend colors smoothly and print out excellent quality photos too, if that’s what the office is currently looking for. Moreover, these office printers keep it simple by being hassle free and light weight and tend to be ideal for offices with limited spaces for placing printers and fewer personnel to transport them. These printers are designed for smaller offices with less paper capacity and are very slow at printing. Laser printers are the second reliable printers for businesses and they perform tasks with super speed and use light to print. They can handle high volumes of printing and are really speedy as well. Obviously that makes them ideal for offices requiring large scale printing in small amounts of time. These office printers come in two further subdivisions which are colored or non-colored based on needs. Dot matrix printers are the third type and are rather slow and print not documents but multi-purpose stationery. This stationery is essential for offices that require receipts to be printed and invoices required. The second last type of office printers have been mentioned and are a combination of both a printer and a scanner. These allow companies to scan documents and print copies of them or just save them for future use. Moreover, graphical printers are reliable for offices engaging in technical printing that requires extreme precision and attention to detail.

Tips and comments

It is apparent that the reliability of the printers depends upon the supplier and how it’s handled by the users. If all guidelines are followed then office printers are not likely to break down or not perform their functions. However, overloading is problem that needs to be considered. Suppliers need to be kept on call at all times to fix any untimely issues within minutes.

By Qasim Ali, published at 03/27/2012
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