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Printing Out Text Messages From Sprintpcs Com


With one can get a wide range of capabilities that are quite useful; from call waiting, to the ability to forward calls among others. There is a host of other capabilities that the user is provided with once they have purchased this device. It is important to understand these features fully so as to capitalize on them to the fullest and reap the benefits.


A useful feature of is the ability print out a text message that has been received on the phone. This is quite useful since the message may contain information that one may need to have in hard copy and on the go without having to refer to the phone whenever the need for that information arises. The fact that losing the phone could prove disastrous more so if it contained useful data makes this feature quite useful.

In order to print out a text message from; one will need to follow a few simple and straightforward steps. The good thing about the whole process is the simplicity such that a non-technical user will have an easy time doing it. The first thing that needs to be done by the user is to go to the folder that contains the text messages. This should not be hard to find even for a new user because the folder is located on the home of the screen of the mobile phone. The second thing is to go the inbox and select the message or messages that need to be printed out.


Once the user has confirmed that the message to be printed from the is the correct one; he/she should go ahead and forward the text message. Forwarding the text message should not be done to another number on another phone but rather to an email address that is accessible to the user; that is to say a personal email address.

After the user has confirmed that the text message has been sent from sprintpcs com to the email address of choice; he/she should then proceed to a desktop computer or laptop that is connected to the internet. The user should then open a web browser and proceed to the email service provider of choice and input the necessary credentials so as to gain access.

On gaining access to the email; the user should then find the email sent from the and open it. All the details of the text message should be in order and therefore there should be no problems thus far. The user may then proceed to print out the message straight from the email using the printing option that is available on pretty much all browsers.

Tips and comments

The browser will provide printing options; that is the layout or outlook of the print out. The user will select the necessary options according to preference; a preview will be provided of how the print out will look. Once all is in order the user can then print out the message sent from sprintpcs com.

By Elly Andy, published at 03/28/2012
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