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How To Uninstall Your Copier Fax Printer Combo


If for any reason a user would like to uninstall the copier fax printer device; they should learn a few steps that will assist in that task. This would mostly apply in a situation where any of the three devices or a single device that serves the three purposes; has been connected to an individual computer or the network. A case could be where the device needs to be removed manually from the whole setting. If such is the case then all a user has to do is locate the connecting cables.

Step 1

The cables that connect the copier fax printer to the whole setting would usually be quite easy to find. The user should look around the device and they are sure to locate the cable within seconds. For those machines that require the connection to be done using a USB cable; a simple safe removal task can be performed before yanking out the cable. This can be done by checking on the right hand side of the computer screen and clicking on the USB symbol. The user can then point out on the item they would like to remove and click on it.

Step 2

Once this is done, the person can now proceed to take out the cable that connects the copier fax printer from the whole arrangement. It is important, however, to mention that any of these devices need to have been switched off before disconnecting. If the copier fax printer happens to be on a network then it is important to ensure that the network cable has been removed too.

Step 3

In order to uninstall the copier fax printer from a network it would be good for the user to inform anyone who might be connected to that network. This will avoid a situation where other users send their jobs to be processed only to discover that copier fax printer is not available.

Step 4

Once the hardware part of the copier fax printer un-installation process has been successfully completed; the user may now choose to uninstall any of the supporting software that had been installed. This software, also called drivers, serve the purpose of enabling the computer recognizing the device connected to it. If the user has decided that they are not intending to use the device again, they can remove these drivers in order to save on space.

Step 5

The copier fax printer supporting software would usually be installed from an accompanying compact disc. The un-installation process may or may not require one to input this disc. With the disc the process requires one to choose the uninstall option from the menu provided within it and then following the steps provided all the way to the end.


If the process does not require a disc then the user has to go to the start menu of their Windows based operating system and select the provided option relating to the copier fax printer device. Once this is done one will have to select the server properties option and under the drivers tab select the driver in question and proceed to delete it.

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