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the Seven Best Printer Inkjet Ink Companies


Printers are one of the most important equipments in computer world. Gaining a wide perspective according to usage, inkjet printers are the most used ones. There were many types of printers but inkjet printers have provided a middle way for all the needs and demands of people. One of the most important components in the product is the printer inkjet ink. Without printer inkjet ink, you will not be able to use the printer for printing. Obviously, being the most important part and usable too the requirement of refilling or replacing is always there.

Supplying best to all demands are the companies who are the top most manufacturers of printer inkjet ink. They are the top most brands who also manufacture printers of all kinds. Seven of the most decorated names in the industry are as follows:

first 3

1) HP – Hewlett Packard is perhaps the most common name in the industry of printers. It is known as the printer company in the world along with other electronic world product. Online world can be the best place to buy genuine quality printer inkjet ink of HP. There are all sorts of refills and replacements available for series like DeskJet, OfficeJet, PSC, PhotoSmart, and many other series printer inkjet ink are available easily.

2) Canon – The next name in the printer world is Canon. Industry standards laser printers were only provided by Canon primarily for a long time. Other companies like Apple and HP used Canon’s printer engines in their working. This is the reason why many companies are compatible with Canon’s printer inkjet ink and cartridges.

3) Brother – Hailing from Japan is the next big company in the world of printers. Brother Industries, Ltd. presenting a wide range of innovative products, Brother was the first company to bring a revolution in the world of printers with label printers. Finding printer inkjet ink for Brother is as easy like any online shopping. Multi packs for Brother Printer and ink cartridges are very famous in the market with combo offers.

next 3

4) Epson – The world’s largest manufacturers of printers and a trillion revenuer company, Seiko Epson Corporation is the big daddy of them all. Founded in 1942, Epson manufactured all kinds of printers from the revolution period. Right from dot matrix printers to high tech laser jet printers, Epson did it all. Finding the best printer inkjet ink for Epson by far the most safe and guaranteed deal of them all.

5) Lexmark – The next company in the world of printers is Lexmark. Veterans in printing and imaging products, they make some of the most profound printers in the international market. Coming under the branch of IBM, Lexmark cartridges have the maximum sale.

6) LexJet – With Encad and Clear, LexJet Printers came in the world of printers with dominance. Today, the company holds a long range of electronic product line and easy availability of printer inkjet ink of LexJet in international market makes it a hit.

last one

7) Dell – The world of computers is already being blessed by the innovative technologies and state of the art manufacturing products from Dell. With a wide range of printer products and free UK delivery support by almost all providers, Dell becomes one of the best printer inkjet ink cartridge company with a class.

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