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What You Need To Know About Inkjet Printer Ink


An inkjet printer creates digital image onto paper. They can print fine, prints print of quality. It has lower cost per page. Disadvantages are that the original ink is very expensive, their life time is shorter. They require a special type of ink. They are popular as portable printers. Cannon technology is used in inkjet printers.


There are two types of ink jet. One is three color inkjet and the other one is four color inkjet. Inkjet printers have a compact construction, they are inexpensive to buy, they are fast when printing and got a vide variety of paper types. They are very expensive to run, they are slow when printing the documents, want frequent nozzle cleaning, and they depend on ink types.


Ink in inkjet printer is used in printing documents and photos. Always buy that printer whose ink cost is very much less. As ink is the main thing in printers. It should not dry quickly and it should print an image or a text of best quality.
An inkjet refill kit is a tool set used in refilling. The tools and the type of ink depend on the cartridge. A refill kit offers low cost instead of buying a new cartridge. Printer ink to be placed inside an empty cartridge depends on the brand and model of the inkjet printer. Every inkjet printer has its own brand and model.

The inkjet printer can produce both color and black and white prints on the same paper. Inkjet printer contains a single cartridge and a multiple cartridge. Single cartridge contains bundles of all the colors. While in multiple cartridge contains different cartridges for different colors. The printer ink is of two types dye based and pigment based.

Dye based contains wide variety of colors but has inferior fade resistance and water resistance properties. They dry slowly as compared to other inks. Pigmented inks do not have fade resistance, water resistance and of good quality. The only problem is of the color. They are much costly.

An inkjet printer ink is important in its resistance to fading and water solubility. The ink should be of good quality and it should not dry too quickly. It should only produce sharp print of quality. Inkjet printer can be manufactured by printer vendors and third part vendors. Inkjet printer ink is of many types and each type works well with that brand of printer only. As all the inks are original, third part vendors produce their own printer ink to suit the brands. The original printer ink manufactures say that the inkjet printer ink is very complex. In composition so it does not go well with the latest printer technology.


The vendors of third part are offering inkjet printers such cartridges which are equal in quality with those of the original cartridge, and also offering those cartridges which can be refilled and selling refill kits. The buyers should buy inkjet printer inks from stores that are well known. So, best quality is obtained.

By Khurram Hussain, published at 03/27/2012
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