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The Use Of Color Printer Brother


Brother industries Ltd. is a Japanese company that produces or imports a great variety of printers, sewing machines and many other devices, mostly made for office use. This company also produces the five in one printer that was awarded by the PC magazine as the printer of the year. The best sold product is though the brother color printer. The brother color printer is a fast and reliable product which specializes in imprinting color media on plain paper. Also one of the printer’s features is printing on picture paper.

The paper tray

The brother color printer has a big paper tray that can withhold about 400 to 500 paper files. The printer only works with A4 letter size plain paper so if you want to use the printer for printing media on papers that overcome the A4 standard size (such as A3), you should reconsider your choice. The bright side is that there is a brother color printer designed especially for use with large format sizes. All you need to do is search the official web site until you find the desired product and buy it either online or from an official Brother Industries Ltd store. The paper tray can withhold another type of paper. Photographical paper, which is supported either in small formats or in A4 formats, can be loaded into the paper tray for printing photographs.


If you are a professional photographer or if you have as hobby photography, you can always buy a brother color printer because you will always be able to rely on it. The brother color family of printers is designed especially to be capable of printing photo files from your computer on special photographic paper. You can find in most supermarkets or specialized stores paper for printing photos of different sizes (the most common size is A4, but you can find also already cut papers) and the only thing that you need to do is to go home and start printing your favorite photo files. If you are using A4 sized paper, you will probably need to cut it by yourself after the printing process is done.


The cartridges that a brother color printer uses are of normal size, two of them, one containing black ink (for black and white or grayscale printing) and one containing colored ink. The colored ink is actually a cartridge divided in three main chambers, each one containing a different color. The three colors used are yellow, red and blue, the rest of the chromatic specter’s colors being obtained from the various combinations of these three main colors. The cartridges are located inside the printer, and are easy to change. You only need to open the printer’s cover, turn it on (now the two cartridges will align to the center of the printer) and change them. These cartridges can be bought either from a local store that specializes in printers and spare parts or supplies for them or directly from the internet (the best option when it comes to the internet is the Brother Industries official web site)

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