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The most awaited operating system in the 2007 was the Microsoft Windows Vista. This operating system was promised to be a rather revolutionary one, due to the many features that it may have. The new design (one of the most expected features was the Aero view with the Desktop Composition package), the utmost capabilities (it was said that it would be a well optimized operating system) and the most expected feature, drivers for all types of hardware already contained in the system, just waiting to be installed. Installing a Vista printer would be something very easy. But let’s see what the steps that we must follow in order to install a Vista printer are.


The first thing that you need to do whenever you find yourself in the need to install a piece of hardware by your own is to mount it, connect it to the power supply and the personal computer and turn it on. For example a Vista printer will require some simple steps for installing. You will need to find a place for it, on your desk or near it, or wherever you want to put it (usually they come from the factory with a three meters long USB cable and an one point five meters long power adapter and cable). After you have found the suitable place for your Vista printer, you should first connect the USB cable to the personal computer and after this the power supply cable.


After the mounting process is finished, you will need to turn your personal computer on and wait for the operating system to start, after that turn on the Vista printer. Your computer will find and recognize the new hardware and it will install the appropriate drivers for the USB port that is in use. These drivers are already contained by the operating system and you will need to install them only once (be careful if you unplug the USB cable from the Vista printer to plug it back on the same USB port use earlier so you don’t require a new USB driver install). After this step is completed you will need to proceed with the installation of the specific printer software so you can use its full features.


The software for the printers that you buy either from an official store or from the producer’s official web site usually is contained in the package. It is most likely a compact disk that you need to insert in your CD-ROM and just follow a few simple steps. Modern printers come with the software preinstalled on their main boards so when you first mount them it installs automatically or on an USB flash drive. The best practice though is to search on the World Wide Web for updated software and just download them from there. After you complete the download just launch the executable file and follow the required steps. After this is done, you will finally be able to use your Vista printer with your personal computer.

By Bob Meadow, published at 04/04/2012
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