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10 Amazing Tips For Canon Photo Printer Pixma


The Canon Photo Printer Pixma, is one of the products by canon for printing excellent quality digital photos. The Canon Photo Printer Pixma, is technologically very advance and not many people are aware about how to print amazing photos from this printer. Some tips for printing photos from Canon Photo Printer Pixma , are:

Step 1

  •  Check the resolution of the photo

Before printing through Canon Photo Printer Pixma, check out the resolution of the photo and the printer. If there are not in accordance, the result may not be very good. Set them accordingly and in photo’s case, increase the resolution of it.

Step 2

  •  Choose the correct photo format

There is a separate format for every purpose for example JPEG image format is used for posting pictures on websites and for emailing. Where as to print photo by using Canon Photo Printer Pixma, TIFF format is quite suitable. The TIFF format is crisper, shows the full data without any compression and much sharper.

Step 3

  •  Use of proper driver software

With every printer, comes the original CD of its software, which is necessary for its working same with Canon Photo Printer Pixma. The original software is very necessary for getting crisp results through the photo printer.


Step 4

  •  The quality of paper

The sharp photo print does not only depend upon the printer; it depends upon the quality of paper too. Use the paper which best suits with Canon Photo Printer Pixma for getting best printing results.

Step 5

  •  Printing ink also matters

The quality and the level to which the cartridge for Canon Photo Printer Pixma is filled, also counts. Obviously a rough quality ink and its low level in the cartridge will not produce the desired photo print.


  • . Use a good photo editing software.

Many people may not realize but the fact is if the photo is nicely edited, Canon Photo Printer Pixma will definitely produce good print out of it. Photo editing software makes the photo free from any error or light issues and makes it ready for printing.


  •  Test printing

If the Canon Photo Printer Pixma is new and is being used for the first time, then it is better to take a test print first to check all the settings and resolution before taking out the final print. You cannot do much experiment on actual pictures.

  •  Give ample time for drying.

After printing a photo from Canon Photo Printer Pixma let it dry for few hours. If not dried properly, the colors may lose their shine and composition, which will affect the picture quality.

  •  Regular service

For increasing the efficiency of the Canon Photo Printer Pixma, get it checked and service from time and often. In fact, build a schedule with the service provider and he will do the service of the printer on the due date.

  •  System requirements

Every printer has some requirements to work perfectly with the computer and same is with Canon Photo Printer Pixma. Read out and fulfill all the system requirements for excellent quality printing.


By John, published at 03/31/2012
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