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With the help of transferring ink we can apply pressure to an inked surface which is resting upon paper and this process is carried out in a printing press. The spread of printing press is typically used with more speed and more adaptation in second millennium and in that age it creates its more influential stains on people. It is used mostly for texts. It gives us a revolutionized way to convince the people to present the world in front of them where they are currently living.

In 1440, German Johannes Gutenberg made the first use of printing press in the Holy Roman Empire. At that time it was based on existing screw presses. The profession of Gutenberg was goldsmith. However, a complete printing press was developed by him. Though he adopted all the existing techniques which were using at that time for printing and so he made a perfect printing press that was accepted by a wide range of public. The innovative idea provided by Gutenberg of newly devised hand mold that he was the first one who made it. It was a device consisting on large quantity of movable metals. The process of bookmaking was introduced first time in those early days when printing press was introduced. The first book was produced in the history of assembly line. 3,600 pages can be produced by the single printing press in a day. However, we can produce forty hands written or hand copied pages in a day. In early 1500, in Western Europe printing press produced more than the amount of twenty million books which was a big achievement in those days.


However, in the early of 19th century the printing press introduced by Gutenberg was replaced with the steam-powered rotary presses. Since Gutenberg printing press include the use of hand written printing media however the steam powered was so much appreciated by people due to the reason that it allowed printing on an industrial scale as well. It became the core method of printing the huge bulk of data all over the world and also in western countries.

Tips and comments

The era of mass communication was introduced by the arrival of mechanical movable type of printing n Renaissance Europe which brought a permanent change in the structure of society. It captured the masses in the reformation and threatened the religious and political power due to the ideas transcended and unrestricted circulation of information. It brought the drastic increase in the education of people all over the world and the started loving books and taking entrusts in reading books of different subjects. People become more aware of their selves they started thinking about the reason behind their creation and started living their lives for some reason. The rise of proto-nationalism came from the increase in the cultural awareness among people due to the great amount of knowledge provided to people through books.

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