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Published at 04/04/2012 22:57:22


To begin with, the uses of computers are very important in the daily activities of people globally. Millions of people in developing and developed countries of the world use computers for several purposes at homes, in offices, in organizations, at shopping malls for activities such as recording of data, research, for entertainment, among other things. Computers are made such that they can with no trouble be used by people of all walks of life across the length and breadth of most the earth. Its operations are easy to apply and functions on the process of garbage in and garbage out.


This means that whatever one inputs into the computer that is what will be process by it as the output. Computers are used by students for research, assignments, among others .it is also used by kids for entertainment at homes. It helps in the early development of children, as a result of the educative games that are usually installed into it. Computers cannot operate or will not be able to operate unless programs known as software are installed into it. Some of these software include excel, word, PowerPoint, internet explorer. These are used for several purposes for the successful function of the computer.


Computers have many accessories among which include the scanners printers, photo copy machines, among others. These computer accessories comes out in different shapes and sizes and are used for more than a few purposes or activities among which include the following; scanners printers, are used designed for coping document, for printing out document, for scanning document, and for faxing information from a document. The photocopying machine is used for photocopying documents. These computer accessories are used in the offices, at homes, in organizations, at shopping malls, in educational institutions among others.

Tips and comments

They are used by all types of people namely men and women, boys and girls, the old and the young, the rich and the poor among others. Its use is not therefore limited to some type of people that is one unique thing about computers and its accessories such as scanners printers photocopy machines, fax machines among others. Because of the increase in technology these computer accessories such as scanners printers, photocopy machines, fax machines are produce in large quantities, which has enabled most people in the developing world to use them.
Adding to that, in some few years ago computer accessories such as scanners printers, fax machines were used mostly in the developed countries of the world, as a result of the low level of technology worldwide at that time. As a result of an increase in technology, there has been an increase in best computer accessories such as scanners printers. These best scanners printers, may be purchase by customers from the internet, or recognized computer accessories shop which comes with warranty. Some of these scanners printers include laser scanners printers and multifunctional scanners printers. These advanced computer accessories produces quality work at less time and easy to operate and come at different prices, shapes and designs.